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The Pleasure Garden Festival at the Catani Gardens in Melbourne St. Kilda was amazing. And for free! It’s always worth to apply at Festivals as a Voluntary to get free entry or to work there, earning money while being a part of it. There are always cheap ways to travel and make the most of it! So we did last week at the Gizzfest in the Melbourne Showgrounds as well. To combine work with a Party is a good way to go with. And a good way to have the greatest experiences with the local community. Since I arrived in Melbourne, Australia I was looking for jobs. During the first week I sent all my applications to Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Studios but it’s very hard to find a way in the fitness and health business with a limited Visa. The same was with Social Work. I put a lot of energy in this and it was a little frustrating to have a lot of interviews, phone talks and mails with the same message: Work & Holiday Visas aren’t for qualified employment. So for now I found a job quick in the hospitality in Cafés, Restaurant and Festivals. And for now that’s fine, even dough I miss it a lot to teach Yoga classes and being surrounded with people that share my passion. But it’s always amazing to make new experiences and at least, that’s why I started with traveling! #travel #traveltheworld #travelaustralia #backpacker #backpackermelbourne #hospitalitybusiness #festivalstaff #cheapwaystotravel #festivalvolunteer #workandholidayvisa #melbournecity #melbournefestivals #thepleasuregarden #melbournepeople #travellife #hippiefest #flowerchild #dancing #ilovemusic #electronicmusic #technolove #passionated #danceandmusic #musicandart #artfestival #newpaths #newexperiences #yogateacher #healthandfitness #nevergiveup

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