• I'll try to get on. I still haven't figured out how to be able to leave comments
    09-Dec-2017 20:37:43 PM
  • are wr/you gonna play fortnite (would love to play with us)
    09-Dec-2017 21:34:30 PM
  • @nicolas.czka with ya* I hate auto correct
    09-Dec-2017 21:34:51 PM
  • @nicolas.czka I'll be on for a little bit probably from 9-10 EST
    09-Dec-2017 21:35:47 PM
  • @nicolas.czka why just an hour ? 😨
    09-Dec-2017 21:36:35 PM
  • @nicolas.czka Only problem is I can't talk to the party while I'm using PS4 remote play to stream to my pc. So I'll be on but not able to talk, haha
    09-Dec-2017 21:36:38 PM
  • @susperiasnowwhite69 it's a blast!
    09-Dec-2017 21:36:43 PM
  • Lol
    09-Dec-2017 21:37:48 PM
  • @chrispin_crunch I know! I've been enjoying them on YouTube
    09-Dec-2017 21:39:23 PM
  • @chrispin_crunch can I join discord or something to talk with ya later? Maybe this will work
    09-Dec-2017 22:00:01 PM
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