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IT'S #STARWARS WEEK!!! Tag your friends that can't wait to see #TheLastJedi! Video credit:
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Behold, our wondrous blue planet. This is the Earth’s atmosphere and its moon as seen from the International Space Station. Just look at the Earth’s atmosphere in all of its glory. This layer of gas surrounds our planet and is retained by the Earth’s gravity. Although the moon appears to be right outside our atmosphere, it is actually 238,900 miles away from us. Most humans will never get the chance to see this view for themselves, but at least we get to enjoy this stellar photography. Thanks to our friends @Tech for the sweet post! #science #earth #space #tech #travel #adventure #technology #awesome #bestof
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Wanna know my least favorite thing about being a doctor? 👩🏻‍⚕️ Charts, charts, charts, on repeat 🗒💻 I’m always doing charts. At home, at lunch (as long as nobody sneakin peeks at my computer), at work (obviously). The thing that stresses me out most at work, is when I get behind in charts! How crazy is that? I could talk to patients all day, do procedures all day. Using my brain is fun. Face to face time, is my favorite time. ☺️ It’s so nice when you can focus on those things instead of charting every single thing that you and the patient talked about. But the reality of practicing in America, is that charting will always be a BIG part of your life. I mean huge. It not only helps the medical providers that care for your patient in the future, but it helps billing and insurance companies, and lawyers- should a patient or patient family need one in the future. Paper charts were never a thing for me, unless the system crashes, which happens. I’ve always been electronic. But some facilities still use paper charts, and many facilities use different electronic medical record companies so they don’t cross over. The most common misconception from many patients... that we have access to all of your records, regardless of state, hospital, etc. 😆 I literally have patients say to me, “why do I have to tell you all of this? You have all of my records”. I look into their chart. We have no records. Upon further questioning... “oh I thought you had all the charts floating around in the electronic system”. No... it doesn’t really work that way. 😏 So to all you medical providers out there, cheers to me, you, and our never ending pile of charts! 🥂 Disclaimer: drinking and charting is not recommended. And friends don’t let friends sign charts, while tired. You never know what’ll end up in there!!! . . . Scrubs by @wearfigs Bag by @jill_designs Sweater by @lululemon
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