Grand Slam Marines with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit demonstrate techniques of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program to local reporters as part of a scheduled visit. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. F. Cordoba)

  • 👋👌
    07-Dec-2017 03:52:21 AM
  • His face looks like he's just done with this shit😂 #embracethesuck #oorah #semperfi
    07-Dec-2017 03:59:15 AM
  • Mcninja oorah?
    07-Dec-2017 04:00:04 AM
  • I remember when we started the MCMAP program.
    07-Dec-2017 04:03:58 AM
  • Jiu jitsu🤙
    07-Dec-2017 04:13:03 AM
  • Take-a-stance
    07-Dec-2017 04:16:32 AM
  • @stevey_q_ Marine Corps! 😂
    07-Dec-2017 04:20:01 AM
  • @aj_winterfox18 that guys from my hometown haha. I messaged him he said that's exactly how he felt.
    07-Dec-2017 04:23:35 AM
  • 07-Dec-2017 04:34:30 AM
  • To be continued.....
    07-Dec-2017 04:37:46 AM
  • Hmm wonder if this is that magic ship where people go from Tan to Brown in an two week span.... 😑
    07-Dec-2017 04:50:22 AM
  • “Why do marines get out after 4 years?”
    07-Dec-2017 04:50:49 AM
  • @danielcollins3898 is that you bud?
    07-Dec-2017 04:59:47 AM
  • 💙Big picture 📸🖒💙
    07-Dec-2017 06:33:39 AM
  • very pretty
    07-Dec-2017 08:08:04 AM
  • 07-Dec-2017 09:26:37 AM
  • BAM 💥
    07-Dec-2017 11:00:54 AM
  • Does the Lt on the back right have his hands in his pockets? 😡
    07-Dec-2017 11:30:42 AM
  • @dyladylerious pretty sure this is you
    07-Dec-2017 11:53:21 AM
  • Yes BAM! 🇺🇸
    07-Dec-2017 12:58:39 PM
  • Lol fuckin Warrior stance tan belt warriors up!
    07-Dec-2017 15:09:04 PM
  • @jarhead38732 wow both hands. Unsat!😂
    07-Dec-2017 15:09:32 PM
  • 😮😮😮
    07-Dec-2017 15:11:12 PM
  • @cjaquaburn I think he's just hoping he doesn't get called out by the hard charging instructor!
    07-Dec-2017 15:46:46 PM
  • Don’t go mcmapin nobody that don’t need mcmapin!
    07-Dec-2017 17:22:07 PM
  • Oh the paper thin, "Safety" mat on the flight deck. Thanks Gunny, thanks.
    07-Dec-2017 19:20:31 PM
  • His face. He knows he gettin the s l a m
    07-Dec-2017 19:57:17 PM
  • Get some!
    07-Dec-2017 20:37:48 PM
  • McNinja! YUT!
    07-Dec-2017 21:32:04 PM
  • Hello sir, would you like to try the Grand Slam-wich?
    08-Dec-2017 07:45:55 AM
  • Putin's strength
    08-Dec-2017 19:50:09 PM
  • The ole' hip toss
    08-Dec-2017 21:33:24 PM
  • Such a great post!
    09-Dec-2017 07:02:58 AM
  • He’s gonna hurt his back !
    09-Dec-2017 10:35:31 AM
  • @jarhead38732 looks like it
    09-Dec-2017 10:37:22 AM
  • Cool pic!
    09-Dec-2017 11:15:13 AM
  • The look of regret
    09-Dec-2017 11:53:36 AM
  • @baby_buttons_2_ There is a mat on the ground. He'll be ok
    11-Dec-2017 06:16:01 AM
  • @ezrasdada omg I hope he isn’t hurt and they have doctors aboard. Not being a sissy but he CAN be seriously hurt and needlessly. One thing with enemy another when not good protection & they spare
    11-Dec-2017 06:26:38 AM
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