I used to have dreams of oil painting my comic covers. #oilpainting #comics #foxes #boxcutter #hooligans

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    03-Dec-2017 19:29:52 PM
  • Oils are one of my favorite mediums but I never had the balls to fully commit to them
    03-Dec-2017 20:57:35 PM
  • @buddahfist start small scale with canvas board and work your way up!
    03-Dec-2017 22:16:11 PM
  • Dreams become reality when you commit them to the page...or canvas.
    04-Dec-2017 00:35:22 AM
  • @a.o.p.comics real shit
    04-Dec-2017 03:06:05 AM
  • This is really amazing, i like stuff like that 😱❤🐾
    04-Dec-2017 06:57:42 AM
  • Ayee boxcutter bill
    05-Dec-2017 02:25:19 AM
  • the last time i painted was at AI. it was supposed to be a monochrome portait of Aaliyah, the gouache stuck to the plastic covering and tore the paint off. I think the teacher gave me a D+ out of pity. So seeing you paint like this means theres hope for me yet LOL
    06-Dec-2017 03:32:48 AM
  • @chocolatestarchild awww. Yeah girl. Go for it!
    06-Dec-2017 14:48:06 PM
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