This is our first set of seasons since we left Florida and we are loving it! We recently decided to take the #blueridgeparkway from Cherokee all the way to Asheville. It was something on my bucketlist and even though I grew up vacationing here it was something I had never done. We packed a lunch, made a day of it, and stopped along the way. Another adventure, another tank of gas one weekend at a time!

  • How nice!
    30-Nov-2017 11:39:06 AM
  • That sounds like great fun
    30-Nov-2017 15:29:16 PM
  • Sounds like a great weekend!
    30-Nov-2017 20:26:16 PM
  • Woo have fun lady! My husband and I drove from WA to FL and the road trip was incredible!!
    30-Nov-2017 20:33:56 PM
  • wow thats pretty high!! nice pic :)
    30-Nov-2017 21:28:56 PM
  • Sounds like so much fun!
    30-Nov-2017 22:40:53 PM
  • Funny how much shorter the mountains are back east. We’re at 6,700 ft here in Raton and that’s barely the foothills. 😊 Glad you escaped FL, too!
    30-Nov-2017 22:49:34 PM
  • That looks really exciting!
    01-Dec-2017 00:19:37 AM
  • So adventurous! Enjoy your travels!
    01-Dec-2017 02:17:26 AM
  • Seasons are the best💚💚
    01-Dec-2017 02:23:41 AM
  • I'm in California so I'm a little jealous of your season changing adventure!
    01-Dec-2017 02:37:07 AM
  • This def makes me wanna visit
    01-Dec-2017 04:19:17 AM
  • hope you had fun
    01-Dec-2017 05:25:00 AM
  • seems like it was an adventure!
    01-Dec-2017 09:14:46 AM
  • Good shoot circawanderlust
    01-Dec-2017 09:57:00 AM
  • Sounds like really fun!
    01-Dec-2017 13:41:00 PM
  • I'm sure you had fun
    01-Dec-2017 13:57:17 PM
  • Great adventure, it seems!
    01-Dec-2017 15:54:06 PM
  • Looks awesome!
    01-Dec-2017 17:49:39 PM
  • Always nice to spend time in nature!
    01-Dec-2017 19:36:54 PM
  • I love that area!
    01-Dec-2017 19:59:11 PM
  • Exploration fuels adventure
    01-Dec-2017 20:13:11 PM
  • Such a fun trip!
    01-Dec-2017 20:27:23 PM
  • We love long roads trips!
    02-Dec-2017 01:52:08 AM
  • @ratonpassmotorinn 😵😵 I didn't know that!
    02-Dec-2017 01:52:39 AM
  • That sounds like so much fun!
    02-Dec-2017 03:05:28 AM
  • Nicee 😎
    02-Dec-2017 08:29:03 AM
  • I would have totally done it too. Must have been some great views!
    02-Dec-2017 12:54:39 PM
  • This pic is great 😊
    02-Dec-2017 15:23:15 PM
  • Love it :) You look like quite an adventurer. Check out our main account @skyhilife to discover the world via drones
    02-Dec-2017 21:11:55 PM
  • 🔥🔥
    03-Dec-2017 00:28:42 AM
  • Stunning feed!
    03-Dec-2017 11:00:48 AM
  • I would love to visit there someday
    03-Dec-2017 12:22:39 PM
  • 👍👍👍
    03-Dec-2017 20:32:34 PM
  • Cool!
    08-Dec-2017 15:33:09 PM
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