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  • What the???? Lapiz lazuli for minecraft :v
    25-Nov-2017 08:10:56 AM
  • Minecraft For Lyfe
    25-Nov-2017 08:30:23 AM
  • Steven universe lapiz lazuli
    25-Nov-2017 08:32:39 AM
  • Hmmmm
    25-Nov-2017 08:47:24 AM
  • I'm guessing because the mineral will always be beautiful forever no matter the age and and they don't age so yea
    25-Nov-2017 08:53:25 AM
  • @fyrzafirdausa nigga Lapiz is real
    25-Nov-2017 08:57:50 AM
  • @fyrzafirdausa nigga lapis lazuli a real gem irl
    25-Nov-2017 09:10:22 AM
  • I feel like almost no one knows that lapis lazuli is real theu only think about mune craft and steven universe
    25-Nov-2017 09:11:05 AM
  • Who is Marron
    25-Nov-2017 10:18:41 AM
  • Shit!! 18 is the hottest female in all anime that i have ever watched n i have watched around 200+
    25-Nov-2017 11:09:41 AM
  • 25-Nov-2017 12:04:22 PM
  • And if they fuse their element is water
    25-Nov-2017 13:15:15 PM
  • Steven universe got they're Lapis Lazuli,We got ours😂
    25-Nov-2017 13:52:54 PM
  • Steven universe? Maybe?
    25-Nov-2017 15:37:39 PM
  • @arian.13_ android 18 daughter and krillin’s EX
    25-Nov-2017 15:38:24 PM
    25-Nov-2017 15:40:41 PM
  • @digvijay__97 thenks prand for names
    25-Nov-2017 16:19:05 PM
  • As dragon ball fans we should know this! @madhusbeenhere
    25-Nov-2017 16:23:20 PM
  • @digvijay__97 thenks for the names prend
    25-Nov-2017 16:25:25 PM
  • @bani1250_ lapis lazuli is a real mineral retard
    25-Nov-2017 17:19:36 PM
  • @samiarsyi what about NAMMIII-SWWAAAANNNN😍😍😍😍😍😍
    25-Nov-2017 17:19:56 PM
  • It's so Steven Universe
    25-Nov-2017 19:54:43 PM
  • Lápis in my language means crayon
    25-Nov-2017 22:57:47 PM
  • @issa.darrius nami robin n boa is extremly hot but for me 18 is way hotter
    25-Nov-2017 23:56:41 PM
  • We just gone ignore the fact that there is a mf on the show Steven universe with same dam name😂
    26-Nov-2017 08:48:41 AM
  • You don't say
    26-Nov-2017 11:24:45 AM
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