#NewZealand #Christ warns "American whites want us(Blacks/ #Latinos/ #NativeAmericans) to reject Allah and the TRUE Religion, #Islam and believe in their FALSE religion and false god, whom they CANNOT make manifest to you. They cannot prove to you in this day and time that #Christianity is a defense for you as well as for themselves against their DOOM. America MUST be TAKEN and DESTROYED according to the prophets, at the time and END of the wicked world, where the lost and found members of the ancient and aboriginal people are found. America HATES and MISTREATS her slaves to the extent that it has reached the HEART of Allah and the righteousness of the people of the earth (the #NationofIslam). We read where our black brothers refer to the American so-called Negroes as their brothers, while according to the preachings of some of these lost and found members of the aboriginal nation of the earth they would rather have themselves referred to as the brothers of their enemies. The extent to which the enemy has POISONED the MINDS and HEARTS of my people here in America is SHAMEFUL. They wilfully do anything to deceive the so-called Negroes into going to their DOOM with them. There is no way for the enemy of Allah, His Messenger and His people (the darker people of the earth) to find strength, power and wisdom enough to win in a war against Allah. As it is written in the #Christian #Bible and many other places: "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in thee, which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up" (Peter 3:10). The earth shall not be burned; it will be here for many thousands of years to come. Only that on the earth(America, #England, #Germany, #Italy (the devils) which has sinned against Allah and His laws WILL BE DESTROYED. The earth, the sun, the moon and the stars have never disobeyed Allah since their creation." Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Message to the Black Man: The Resurrection of Our People #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #W

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    25-Nov-2017 03:35:17 AM
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Photo and caption by @petekmuller. The vast plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara come into view as we descend from the Angama lodge, high on the adjacent hills. At the end of heavy seasonal rains, the Mara is green and lush, attracting large numbers of animals. It’s my first time to stay on the hills above and in so doing, I find myself considering what it must have been like for our distant human ancestors to leave the relative safety of the forests and venture out onto the savanna. While teeming with life and possibility, one can imagine that such landscapes were daunting for early humans, a species that possessed little in the way of competitive skills. We were comparatively slow and weak and lacked claws or large teeth. In those early days as we tested life on the plains, we were squarely in the middle of the food chain. For me—and I suspect many others—visiting the Mara touches something deep and primal within us, connecting us to the human story in ways few things can. Follow @petekmuller for more images and observations from Kenya and beyond. #MaasaiMara #Mara #TheMara #Kenya #savanna #Angama #safari #wildlife #nature #adventure #Africa #green #animals
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