The #VivoBook Pro 15 has powerful speakers and Smart Amplifier technology to maintain crisp sound in a slim device. Tell us what’s your type of #music jam! #ASUS #audio #entertainment #laptop #musicjam

  • Oh hell nice design 🤗🤗🤗
    23-Nov-2017 14:56:39 PM
  • Cool :)
    23-Nov-2017 15:06:40 PM
  • IPS?
    23-Nov-2017 15:09:45 PM
  • How to get ASuS zenfone 2 laser battery in SRilanka
    23-Nov-2017 15:10:31 PM
  • That was really awesome but i already buyed another vivobook
    23-Nov-2017 16:13:49 PM
  • Да Ужь
    23-Nov-2017 18:21:25 PM
  • We sell custom gaming pc's! Message us if you're interested in buying 💻
    24-Nov-2017 00:13:48 AM
  • @areumattbro We're glad you like it! 😁
    24-Nov-2017 04:40:40 AM
  • I already have one
    24-Nov-2017 06:15:48 AM
  • واردکننده مستقیم محصولات استوک دیجیتال @dast2kala
    24-Nov-2017 08:17:43 AM
  • @asus ofc I want to buy a zenbook. But I don't need to much this performance. But this vivo makes better 🤗
    24-Nov-2017 09:30:33 AM
  • Used your Asus vg245h monitor, it’s amazing 🔥😍
    25-Nov-2017 00:56:47 AM
  • Nice product,but low quality.Like my laptop Vivobook x441uv
    25-Nov-2017 01:31:39 AM
  • ❤💚💖💜💛💗
    25-Nov-2017 11:05:19 AM
  • 26-Nov-2017 05:48:42 AM
  • Nuc
    26-Nov-2017 06:59:08 AM
  • I wanna one
    26-Nov-2017 14:24:46 PM
  • @__kh__iman no... it is not ips, idiot
    26-Nov-2017 23:28:17 PM
  • @antonov_yu who said it's not stupid??in asus site they wrote it's ips,and also i have this laptop and it's ips Blunt
    27-Nov-2017 04:12:12 AM
  • Thats right, they are really powerful.
    03-Dec-2017 21:59:28 PM
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