✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 || we not debating tonight so negative comments getting deleted and blocked 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • 💯💯💯💯
    22-Nov-2017 14:26:14 PM
  • Look @___shay65 let them know!
    22-Nov-2017 14:34:57 PM
  • 22-Nov-2017 14:43:14 PM
  • Yessss
    22-Nov-2017 14:48:52 PM
  • @akata_zawadi right lol I’m annoyed
    22-Nov-2017 14:53:13 PM
  • 🙌🏾
    22-Nov-2017 15:08:39 PM
  • @pabieqamrantabo arent you black sis? Dont you have african descent in you sis? It doesn’t matter the race, if you’re lazy sis, you’re lazy.Caucasian, african, hispanic, it doesn’t matter on what race you are to be categorized as ‘lazy’ sis. Stop downing your people and uplift them. Whats with all the negativity? Learn and be cultured sis before stating non factual information. And you would post and tag people in your negative comments from a BLOCKED PAGE. #haveagreatdaysis😊☺️
    22-Nov-2017 15:12:56 PM
  • @__sanaac they come here looking for fame , y’all don’t have to reply .. it’s all positivity here and when good shit is being promoted and the light is shining the devil sends his foot soldiers to try and dim it .. not here
    22-Nov-2017 15:18:47 PM
  • @trav33713 Thank you...folks to spread lies that refute this FACT to make black women appear undesirable. No one is falling for that nonsense. Black men love Black women and vice versa
    22-Nov-2017 15:25:28 PM
  • 🙌🙌
    22-Nov-2017 15:35:56 PM
  • 22-Nov-2017 15:52:48 PM
  • 🧔🏾❤️🖤💚👩🏽
    22-Nov-2017 16:05:17 PM
  • 🙊
    22-Nov-2017 17:10:30 PM
  • @__sanaac some people don’t realize that when you say “THE BAG” that it means more than money. 👆🏾
    22-Nov-2017 17:18:55 PM
  • Yes 👍🏾👌🏾😍✊🏾
    22-Nov-2017 17:59:06 PM
  • Get off the gas lol
    22-Nov-2017 18:02:22 PM
  • 👌👌👌
    22-Nov-2017 18:10:04 PM
  • @pabieqamrantabo I have a job, TWO to be exact AND a COLLEGE DEGREE in counseling. 😁
    22-Nov-2017 18:19:50 PM
  • @im.not.your.king 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 at least someone understands
    22-Nov-2017 18:21:56 PM
  • 22-Nov-2017 18:54:50 PM
  • Dat way 😎🖤
    22-Nov-2017 19:19:01 PM
  • @pabieqamrantabo nah, I get paid very well. I like money. You’re just sad. I get coins, and I have a degree.
    22-Nov-2017 19:25:09 PM
  • @theposhstandard you’re right ☺️
    22-Nov-2017 19:30:53 PM
  • No debate....👍
    22-Nov-2017 19:46:24 PM
  • 22-Nov-2017 20:04:39 PM
  • Hustle hard together
    22-Nov-2017 21:58:09 PM
  • Well
    22-Nov-2017 23:26:37 PM
  • 23-Nov-2017 00:18:06 AM
  • My parents are a living proof. We need more black families and less baby Momma and baby daddy this. Wealth is built by dynasties
    23-Nov-2017 00:46:09 AM
  • Soooooo True 😍
    23-Nov-2017 00:50:57 AM
  • That's good to know😉
    23-Nov-2017 01:52:00 AM
  • Damn right 💍✊🏽 #blacklove
    23-Nov-2017 02:24:13 AM
  • True
    23-Nov-2017 03:35:09 AM
  • ❤️❤️
    23-Nov-2017 05:08:27 AM
  • Facts ✊✊😊
    23-Nov-2017 05:33:26 AM
  • @cuegibson 💅🏾
    23-Nov-2017 06:42:53 AM
  • 23-Nov-2017 14:34:26 PM
  • 💙💜💙💜
    24-Nov-2017 16:15:23 PM
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