Good morningggggg 🤩🤪 its a sunny day here, finaly. After whole week being wet of rain 🤯 just thinking.... what is your new motivation on 2018? hope you have a great day 😬👻 #happyday #goodday #jennifatfatfat #jennilifes2017 #morningglory #2018iscommigsoon 🤠 #selca

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    22-Nov-2017 00:40:48 AM
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Guys, I’m moving to Nashville, TN in one month! It’s bittersweet, as Seattle has become my home, but I’m excited for new adventures and opportunities ahead! ___ I will definitely miss frequently visiting places like this. Guess I’ll just have to visit a bunch 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m hoping I’ll eventually make it back to live in WA again, but just going to take it one day at a time 🙌🏾
Did you see the Google reports about search trends in 2017? It’s so fanny to check what people are searching for based on Countries. For example why Italians are looking for recipes of Carbonara pasta, Americans are finding out how many calories there are in a Unicorn Frappucino and Canadians are searching for how you should take a pregnancy test 😁 There’s also a global TV shows categories where’s "Stranger Things” is leading … Do you have a favourite TV show for 2017? Freezing temps in Toronto … Happy hump day my friends ❤️ * * * * *
📍 Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten 📷 @eventyr
Christmas market 🎆 Coburg, Germany Ph:  @magictiron Ставьте ♥ Комментируйте 📝 _________________ #travel  #traveltimesworld  #traveltimesgermany #germany  #christmasmarket  #christmas
Wir können gar nicht genug von euren ❄️-Bildern bekommen 😍🙌🏻 📸 @danielkoehlerphotography 🏆 #leipzig_online