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Вот такой невероятной красотой, меня побаловали, мои любимки @martamarnauz , @andreymarnauz и Елена (мамочка Марты) всё это приготовлено её золотыми ручками. И вот теперь я думаю 🤔, как мы будем кушать на Новый Год, красивые имбирные пряники😉?! Спасибо вам ребята, мне очень приятно 😘. #маринаузелкова #подарки #сюрприз #счастье #друзья #зваженітащасливі #uzelkova #happymoment #happy #gifts #presents #happynewyear
Behold. My first REAL Christmas Tree. Ever. Growing up I didn’t celebrate Christmas. When I tell people this they’re horrified -which in turn horrifies me. Do Americans really think that everyone in the world celebrates Christmas? Really? Well we didn’t. There were no colorfully wrapped gifts from my parents with my name on it. No Santa to be naughty or nice for. And if we wanted lights or decorations my siblings and I bought them ourselves. None of this was sad. In fact, it was beautiful. Because I didn’t have a blueprint for what Christmas was suppose to look like, I was able to make up it myself. And because I wasn’t constantly waiting and wondering what Santa was going to give me, I learned the gracious art of what I could give others. This year, Christmas looks like this tree. A real Noble fir that smells like winter, reminds me of home, and literally lights up my life every night. It’s funny what the simpliest things can do. This year, I want to give a simple gift to one person each day starting tomorrow until December 23rd. It can be anything. Yes, anything. As long as it’s sincere and simple. Maybe it’s a phone call to say hello. Maybe a handwritten letter or a personal message to you or someone else you know on social media. Maybe what you’d like to ask isn’t simple but it’s unique. If so, I promise I will probably strongly consider it. Other gift ideas could include; donating food, clothing or some other item to your favorite charity, singing and sending you a happy birthday message, dancing the jig, prank calling your grandma, sending your boss an email to say you’re amazing, you deserve a raise, etc, etc….Please post your wish on this thread and I’ll do my best to read and perform one wish a day. I'll be posting this on Facebook as well so double up on wishes if you have something you really want! Love, Pisay #christmastree #lights #winter #happyholidays #christmasspirit #gifts #giving #makeyourowntraditions
#Gifts #fanlove❤️ such a beautiful gift🎁 for #me @jubin____shah @shah_jubin46