For every 10° decrease in temperature your tire pressure decreases by about 1psi. Since it’s getting colder, nows a good time to check your tire pressure and fill them tires up! #ChrisFix #DIY #tirepressure #fall #winter #science

  • @ericurberg dang you ok?
    23-Nov-2017 01:24:40 AM
  • @54elirog354 I don’t have space
    23-Nov-2017 01:24:57 AM
  • @chrisfixit oh sorry.
    23-Nov-2017 01:25:19 AM
  • @_angelaaw it works for either as it’s just an estimate.
    23-Nov-2017 01:26:33 AM
  • @chrisfixit yee im fine tho but my front, left front fender and hood is not 🙃 and the sad part is that it is a rare colour aswell :(
    23-Nov-2017 01:26:51 AM
  • @iggyjr213 always use the door jam sticker pressure as @Chicken_man_dan said. That’s the recommended pressure even if they aren’t the original tires.
    23-Nov-2017 01:27:42 AM
  • @dstanko777 thanks man! Shoot me a DM. I went to see a house and I need a pretty long driveway paved but first I need a quote.
    23-Nov-2017 01:28:38 AM
  • @dentduro if it’s free the only con is that you need to refill with nitrogen when the pressure is low. If it costs you’re wasting ur money unless you race the car.
    23-Nov-2017 01:29:31 AM
  • @seabass_starnfish Costco does nitrogen fill for free
    23-Nov-2017 01:29:50 AM
  • @isaacarredondo lol nooooo
    23-Nov-2017 01:30:17 AM
  • @elias.mdd it doesn’t make the tires lighter
    23-Nov-2017 01:31:04 AM
  • 23-Nov-2017 01:50:49 AM
  • Check your messages
    23-Nov-2017 02:12:46 AM
  • @iggyjr213 I don't agree with that. Theres a book at my work we use to calculate new pressures, it uses the OEM size and pressure along with the weight that tire holds at that certain pressure. You match the weight rating of the new your size and you get your pressure. Good for 4 ply to 10 ply calculation
    23-Nov-2017 14:23:54 PM
  • 23-Nov-2017 14:54:25 PM
  • Is that the air thing you have?
    23-Nov-2017 14:55:47 PM
  • @cody.romano Great info! I just did a simple internet search "new tire pressure checker/calculator/math" or something along those lines and yes it depends! Especially when you don’t have stock or close-to-stock tires on your vehicle! Its so hard to get a definitive answer! This is not the first time I have tried to look up the answer. Would you be able to enlighten me with the name of the book you use and what does 'ply' stand for?
    23-Nov-2017 19:21:59 PM
  • How often should I change out the air in my tires? I don’t wanna wear out the tire fluid.....
    23-Nov-2017 23:09:54 PM
  • @iggyjr213 it's a book by bf goodrich I don't know the actual name sorry. A 4ply tire is used on most cars and light trucks. It's exactly what it says it is, 4 sheets of structural material. A 10 ply is used on full size pick ups etc and there were different numbers of ply you can buy
    24-Nov-2017 00:13:47 AM
  • @iggyjr213 sorry, most cars are 2
    24-Nov-2017 00:25:21 AM
  • @mackkk_miller reminds me. We need to check yours
    24-Nov-2017 01:36:09 AM
  • 24-Nov-2017 19:57:07 PM
  • Once again you the man #chrisfix
    24-Nov-2017 20:53:47 PM
  • @chrisfixit drift the corvette! Haha just kidding. I know it's your baby
    25-Nov-2017 04:09:08 AM
  • That would explain why my psi was at 15 and not 33
    25-Nov-2017 06:39:32 AM
  • 25-Nov-2017 15:30:35 PM
  • Big talk from the back seat there, kid.
    25-Nov-2017 22:01:40 PM
  • hey on your video on fixing curb rash, do you have any special instructions for the vw mk7 austins wheels? I can’t paint it because it has some weird metallic finish
    27-Nov-2017 17:45:35 PM
  • 27-Nov-2017 18:19:19 PM
  • @focused200m ayyyy Chrisfix 🙌🏼🙌🏼 ty !
    27-Nov-2017 18:21:14 PM
  • @focused200m why does it feel like I’ve seen his name on GA...
    27-Nov-2017 18:22:18 PM
  • @latinafrs86 he is or was
    27-Nov-2017 19:10:37 PM
  • @focused200m from the looks of it I think was
    28-Nov-2017 04:03:22 AM
  • 30-Nov-2017 08:20:41 AM
  • What car is that?
    30-Nov-2017 09:55:14 AM
  • @mr._afro is Ford Thunderbird
    01-Dec-2017 14:27:25 PM
  • 02-Dec-2017 15:45:33 PM
    03-Dec-2017 19:15:38 PM
  • if it gose up 10 dose it +1 psi?
    06-Dec-2017 23:52:25 PM
  • I need to tag myself I keep forgetting to do that lol
    13-Dec-2017 04:18:25 AM
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