I filled out a blog interview this weekend about my sickness —> health experience. The first question took me back to when it all began, and I could not help but have tears at the memories. ———————— Around the time this picture was taken, 7 years ago this month, I knew something was up with my body. I was living with my sister, having just graduated college, and I remember my now-husband and I taking her dog out one evening. It was cold. And I hurt. My arms just ached. That feeling is lodged in my memory. I felt so horribly off, so strange. And I started crying as we stood out there waiting on Fred the dog. —————————— I don't know that Daniel had seen me cry yet by this point, and he said, "Kacie...?" I stood there confused, helpless. "I just don't feel good..." — That's how it began. That's when all the infections, viruses, toxins, and poisons my body had collected over 22 years finally made themselves very known. Sickness is not the body's default state. Health is. So when you become chronically ill, it is past time to wake up and listen to your body and give it what it's screaming for: help already. — It took 3 years before I realized the Fibromyalgia diagnosis they gave me in January 2010 was a dismissal by doctors who couldn't/didn't want to help me. That I hadn't been given a life sentence but was now simply on a hard but oh-so-possible journey to healing. It took 2 more years to get to the doctor who found the Lyme co-infections and the mercury and the chicken pox virus and the umpteen other invaders compromising my body to the point I couldn't believe I was functioning at all. Actually, that's right—that's because our body's default is health, and it will draw on every resource possible to sustain any semblance of that. — And then came DNRS and God said, "It's time. Heal." — I wish that girl could have known what all I know now. But I had to live it to learn it. So I am grateful for it. I wouldn't wish it all away if I could. —————————————————— All I wish is that those aware of my experience would benefit from it. And that they would believe me that health IS also possible for them, and if I can work for it, anyone can. Because the hope is real.

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