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I am a paradox. . I am strong and vulnerable. Half of me is loquacious and bursting with words, while the other half is painfully shy. I crave my solitude but I also want to meet people and have experiences. I am cold hearted and closed off yet I can pour love into life and others. . I want the rush of adrenaline, making rash decisions, and yet I need time to plan it out and contemplate. I am brash and strong willed but can be soft and feminine. I am traditional and rebellious. . There is possibility in paradox. We humans are messy and full of contradictions. It’s okay to be complicated because balance is full of opposition. If ever you feel like you don’t belong, you are wrong. Being different is human and in a world where people are so scared to stand out. Be strong enough to be who you are no matter what. I love not being what people expect me to be. I love meeting people who aren’t what I expected. . Your dimensions where never meant to fit into one box.
Not sure how I have ANY abs by the end of a long Thailand trip.. 🤷‍♀️ #muchconfusion #thailand #love
People are about the drop 2 grand to look like they rode on the Mayflower smh
‼️ Be THANKFUL for what you have, you don’t have to have much to have “everything”.... _______________________________ We live in a wonderful era. It’s never been a better time to be alive. _______________________________ But with the advances in healthcare, technology, and the addition of social media; it’s so easy to get caught in the vicious cycle of comparing your “life” to friends or other people you don’t even know. _______________________________ Let me be the first person to raise my hand as a guilty party. But through my self exploration in 2017, I’ve constantly compared facets of my life, family, cars, clothes, and business to others. _______________________________ I have to remind myself: “Hey dummy, look at the Life Goals you had when you were 14, 17, 20, 25, or 30... Because you have earned every one” ________________________________ ✅ Become a father: We’re blessed to welcome our 5th child in 15 days. ✅ Become a Pro Athlete: Been there, done that, had a blast. ✅ Buy my Mom her dream car: Best money I’ve ever spent. . ✅ Win an Olympic gold for my country🇺🇸: *technically I didn’t achieve this one, but I think a Super Bowl counts for being a World Champion _______________________________ My point is, I went out, worked hard, made sacrifices, paid the price to be great; hoping, at that point, I’d be “happy”. . _______________________________ Only to find out, every time I checked one off the list, I took very little time to acknowledge the achievement before I set my sights higher. _______________________________ If you catch yourself saying, “when I get this/that life will be perfect”. Don’t let your ‘circumstances’ control your happiness or life fulfillment. _______________________________ 🚗Cars 👕Clothes 🏠Homes or 🏅Achievements... They will NEVER make you happy❌ ______________________________ YOU!!! And You alone are the only person that can decide to change your POV and decide.... I AM HAPPY! Life AND it’s struggles are a blessing. _______________________________ There’s 7 billion people on this crazy journey with us. The grass isn’t always Greener, we need to spend more time watering our own grass!!!
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Smile and life will smile back at you ! Ft. @johannaxjolie