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Single needle micro 💀 the micro tattoos are my fav, i have the most fun and feel the most challenged! To get tattooed by me, book on RomeoLacoste.com #LineGod WHAT MICRO TATTOO WOULD YOU GET?!?

  • Dope!
    21-Nov-2017 06:18:44 AM
  • @chloe_lena_ we aw coming here for a tattoo as soon as we are both 18
    21-Nov-2017 07:46:45 AM
  • @justguapin yes, you're constantly washing and running your hands so the skin kind of just comes off faster and excessive touching and washing of tattoos makes them fade and bleed.
    21-Nov-2017 07:57:32 AM
  • Damnnnnnn my dude. would deff love to set something up with you. I’ll hit you up
    21-Nov-2017 17:51:49 PM
  • You got mad skills I am so proud of you! You've sure grown so much 😁
    21-Nov-2017 19:25:12 PM
  • What are your prices? Estimate wise
    21-Nov-2017 20:01:29 PM
  • Literally my dream to be tattooed by you
    21-Nov-2017 21:08:38 PM
  • @romeolacoste hey! I was looking on your website but couldn't find much on cover ups. Do you do them? Any information is appreciated
    21-Nov-2017 21:13:28 PM
  • Damn
    21-Nov-2017 21:43:29 PM
  • Killer
    22-Nov-2017 05:08:56 AM
  • @nikitaharee this is so dope, he’s so talented
    22-Nov-2017 07:49:15 AM
  • I’d get a micro sub and moon behind my ear. I have a really good idea for it too and I’m excited for when I turn 18 so I can get one on my own
    22-Nov-2017 08:39:05 AM
  • 22-Nov-2017 09:12:56 AM
  • @annyee0306 interesting
    22-Nov-2017 09:19:45 AM
  • @romeolacoste finger tattoos are hard to get right but you sure did an awesome job
    22-Nov-2017 21:02:50 PM
  • @_.tattooworld_ check out my tattoo page for awesome tattoo designs and ideas 🔥😍
    22-Nov-2017 21:03:20 PM
  • 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼
    22-Nov-2017 22:53:53 PM
  • my first tat is gon b from u🤗
    22-Nov-2017 23:13:58 PM
  • This is @sampepper right? Or am I tripping 😂😂
    23-Nov-2017 07:05:16 AM
  • @hugh.mccauley I second this!!!
    23-Nov-2017 15:57:37 PM
  • Why are you so good!!!!
    23-Nov-2017 17:26:23 PM
  • Truly the best detailing I've ever seen!!!!
    24-Nov-2017 04:57:43 AM
  • ill stick and poke this on u😩😩😩 @kylenatty
    25-Nov-2017 03:00:54 AM
  • Your works is soo improbable😻😻😻
    25-Nov-2017 10:47:25 AM
  • 25-Nov-2017 14:56:27 PM
  • I want that too
    25-Nov-2017 20:15:46 PM
  • 26-Nov-2017 01:11:53 AM
  • @kau_zuri SIMMMMMM, tb sigo ele, ele é mto foda
    26-Nov-2017 01:14:48 AM
  • Love your fine line work . (Awesome) . Hope to come across the pond to get you to tattoo me one day
    26-Nov-2017 11:47:37 AM
  • A rose ... pretty much in the future I wanna get tattooed by you
    27-Nov-2017 19:07:34 PM
  • Man this is fucking sick
    04-Dec-2017 21:56:29 PM
  • @keanenwest look at the detail on his tattoos
    06-Dec-2017 08:15:17 AM
  • 1 of my dreams is to get tatooed by u❤
    06-Dec-2017 21:05:37 PM
  • 07-Dec-2017 06:33:09 AM
  • 07-Dec-2017 07:25:03 AM
  • 07-Dec-2017 10:45:18 AM
  • 10-Dec-2017 07:05:58 AM
  • Holy these are beautiful
    11-Dec-2017 05:44:29 AM
  • 14-Dec-2017 21:23:23 PM
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