Fading nicely 💜 @jenniferlopiccolo_hair used @arcticfoxhaircolor and it’s BEAUTIFUL 😍 #hair #purplehair

  • literally most beautiful person
    21-Nov-2017 02:18:07 AM
  • Omg tiff your soo cute
    21-Nov-2017 03:53:22 AM
  • The color purple look so cute and good on you 😇💜
    21-Nov-2017 04:00:02 AM
  • Your sooo pretty
    21-Nov-2017 05:16:57 AM
  • That's cool
    21-Nov-2017 05:51:28 AM
  • Look pretty
    21-Nov-2017 07:22:17 AM
  • I love you! You are so beautiful and your hair is flawless.
    21-Nov-2017 08:15:04 AM
  • هههههههههه
    21-Nov-2017 13:39:45 PM
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱I WANT MY HAIR TO BE THAT😱😱
    21-Nov-2017 14:42:41 PM
  • So and super pretty
    21-Nov-2017 15:40:57 PM
  • Also my mom said i am going to get my hair like that i can't wait
    21-Nov-2017 15:41:32 PM
  • did anyone notice at the middle it looks like a heart
    21-Nov-2017 15:57:57 PM
  • You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 💜💜💜💜
    21-Nov-2017 18:06:30 PM
  • Nooiceeee
    21-Nov-2017 19:55:53 PM
  • Ihascupquake is so pretty and BEAUTIFUL
    21-Nov-2017 21:47:01 PM
  • My fav colour is Purple
    21-Nov-2017 21:48:39 PM
  • Wo you have a face there girl
    21-Nov-2017 23:07:20 PM
  • I never knew you had a twin.
    21-Nov-2017 23:30:01 PM
  • I luv ur lipstick! 💄 where’d ya get it?
    22-Nov-2017 03:54:41 AM
  • Purple passion
    22-Nov-2017 19:33:57 PM
  • You so pretty!!!!!
    22-Nov-2017 20:10:19 PM
  • Kool
    23-Nov-2017 18:08:28 PM
  • Lol cool
    23-Nov-2017 18:08:28 PM
  • LOVE IT!!!!❤💛💚💙💜
    23-Nov-2017 18:44:23 PM
  • Loooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvve iiiit
    24-Nov-2017 00:22:26 AM
  • Awewome
    24-Nov-2017 07:35:04 AM
    25-Nov-2017 14:21:57 PM
  • Lol cool
    25-Nov-2017 19:48:24 PM
  • Kool
    25-Nov-2017 19:48:24 PM
  • 25-Nov-2017 20:23:17 PM
  • Shit
    26-Nov-2017 02:18:45 AM
  • Yasssssssss slayyyyyy I fkn love your hair I'm jelouseeee
    26-Nov-2017 14:33:12 PM
  • 27-Nov-2017 19:18:28 PM
  • I don't know how you do it tiffy
    30-Nov-2017 06:30:27 AM
  • Mor @amanda.dantas7 esse é o cabelo que vc terá quando for uma fotógrafa famosa?
    04-Dec-2017 22:32:57 PM
  • @weslley.d.oliveira07 simmmmm amorrr esse
    04-Dec-2017 22:49:19 PM
  • @amanda.dantas7 esse vale o investimento conversa lá na Unimed morr
    04-Dec-2017 22:56:02 PM
  • @weslley.d.oliveira07 sem chance eu trabalho no faturamento e mesmo que fosse no marketing .
    04-Dec-2017 23:09:22 PM
  • Maybe on time can u go to @guy_tang and get something random
    11-Dec-2017 02:37:07 AM
  • But u do look fab
    11-Dec-2017 02:37:19 AM
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