What’s been your favorite movie you have watched this year??? . Because I have four kids I haven’t seen too many movies but I did get to go to Beauty and the Beast earlier this year and I seriously loved it so much!!! It’s rare that I get so lost in a movie like I did with this one and I’m so excited to see what Disney does with future remakes!!! . This gorgeous print is from @lucyintheskycreations use code SHOPLUCY for a discount! . The candle is from @acourtofcandles use code Faerie for 20% off your purchases!!! . . . #beautyandthebeast #belle #yellow #beauty #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #booknookstagram #booksofinstagram #booknerdigans #bookworm #booknerd #bookphotography #bookish #booklover #bookaddict #bookaholic #bibliophile #book #bookishfeatures #becauseofreading #totalbooknerd

  • Omg beauty and the beast Is amazing!!!!!!!
    19-Nov-2017 01:32:28 AM
  • Wow, that print is amazing!!
    19-Nov-2017 01:40:13 AM
  • I love this picture it's sooo magical ✨✨✨✨✨
    19-Nov-2017 02:07:10 AM
  • These colors are stunning!!
    19-Nov-2017 02:10:38 AM
  • Nice💙💛
    19-Nov-2017 02:12:05 AM
  • Beautiful picture
    19-Nov-2017 02:49:55 AM
  • I really enjoyed the remake too! I was so pleasantly surprised, and the song Evermore 😭 so good, so glad they added that song!
    19-Nov-2017 02:52:55 AM
  • I really loved the new pirates of the Caribbean!
    19-Nov-2017 03:28:01 AM
  • Beautiful colors here Bridget 💛💛💛
    19-Nov-2017 04:03:34 AM
  • Beautiful!
    19-Nov-2017 05:02:51 AM
  • 💙💙📓📚📑📕📒📙📔
    19-Nov-2017 05:38:51 AM
  • love the color scheme 💙✨
    19-Nov-2017 05:50:53 AM
  • Beautiful
    19-Nov-2017 06:11:02 AM
  • That’s a tough question haha but it might be Beauty and the Beast 🙈
    19-Nov-2017 07:49:29 AM
  • Wow love the art print 😍
    19-Nov-2017 08:06:08 AM
  • The colour combo in this picture is dreamy! ❤️❤️❤️
    19-Nov-2017 08:27:52 AM
  • The colour combo in this picture is dreamy! ❤️❤️❤️
    19-Nov-2017 08:27:53 AM
  • 19-Nov-2017 09:35:49 AM
  • Beauty and the Beast and Spiderman Homecoming!! 😊
    19-Nov-2017 09:40:53 AM
  • Gorgeous colours 😍 I haven’t been to the movies once this year! I had a baby last December and suddenly, no cinema time! We even have a free movie voucher to use and still haven’t got there 😒
    19-Nov-2017 09:40:56 AM
  • Lovely
    19-Nov-2017 10:07:58 AM
  • Hacksaw Ridge was amazing! Not kid friendly though I’m afraid 😂
    19-Nov-2017 10:11:13 AM
  • Thor Ragnarokkkk
    19-Nov-2017 10:27:13 AM
  • This is so beautiful!!!
    19-Nov-2017 10:38:12 AM
  • I love the colors in this photo 😍😍
    19-Nov-2017 10:49:30 AM
  • 💛💛
    19-Nov-2017 12:05:01 PM
  • Kingsman and Everything Everything
    19-Nov-2017 12:28:31 PM
  • It wasn’t released this year but I love Song of the Sea. It’s an animated movie that has a lot of Celtic mythology.
    19-Nov-2017 13:18:51 PM
  • I don’t get to see movies often either, in fact the only ones I’ve seen in theaters lately are Despicable Me 3 and Beauty and the Beast... with my kids LOL 😂 but I enjoyed both
    19-Nov-2017 14:52:56 PM
  • Wow😍
    19-Nov-2017 16:22:52 PM
  • maybe kingsmen!
    19-Nov-2017 17:13:35 PM
  • Gorgeous photo - the colors, the flowers, the crown...all so stunning! Awesome work as usual!! I loved Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman, which were the only two movies I recall seeing this year!! 😄💖🌹
    19-Nov-2017 17:56:36 PM
  • This is a beautiful picture I love it.
    20-Nov-2017 03:04:17 AM
  • Wonder Woman and Hacksaw Ridge.
    20-Nov-2017 03:05:07 AM
  • I love that print!
    20-Nov-2017 14:53:41 PM
  • La La Land, Wonder Woman, and Beauty and the Beast 😊
    20-Nov-2017 14:55:06 PM
  • This is so stunning!!
    20-Nov-2017 16:16:56 PM
  • Loved Beauty and the Beast. Saw Paddington 2 last week and it was absolutely outstanding! Perfect for kids and adults, and just in time for Christmas!
    20-Nov-2017 19:31:08 PM
  • gorgeous! 😍
    25-Nov-2017 04:12:34 AM
  • How am I just finding your account now?! Your posts are beautiful 😍
    25-Nov-2017 17:21:46 PM
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