Happy Friday/Saturday y'all💗//Comment your birthday and find your birthday twin!🎉// Mine is April 20th :)

  • 10-Dec-2017 03:35:22 AM
  • @luvfessing that's my bestfriends birthday
    10-Dec-2017 09:19:33 AM
  • December 6th
    10-Dec-2017 10:22:37 AM
  • 11-Dec-2017 01:35:18 AM
  • Oct 12
    11-Dec-2017 02:41:20 AM
  • @jannat_123_ Oh wow! I have the same Birthday! 😂
    11-Dec-2017 06:08:10 AM
  • @am.yna I'm Jan 22nd, kinda close
    11-Dec-2017 22:16:14 PM
  • @mariamnsr_2512 luckyyyyy
    11-Dec-2017 22:17:39 PM
  • @habeshagurl_forever ya❤️😂
    12-Dec-2017 06:14:20 AM
  • May 18
    12-Dec-2017 13:46:32 PM
  • October 14
    12-Dec-2017 16:01:34 PM
  • Same birthday
    13-Dec-2017 02:13:01 AM
  • @ me
    13-Dec-2017 08:03:05 AM
  • @_losers_eggos_ I know it's been 4 weeks but heeeeey we're twins 🙌
    13-Dec-2017 15:12:13 PM
  • Mine is on 20th April too @whalefessions
    13-Dec-2017 16:11:10 PM
  • March 1st
    13-Dec-2017 21:54:22 PM
  • @emilyfvogel same march 1 st
    13-Dec-2017 21:55:14 PM
  • @triippy_tori ey we bday twins
    14-Dec-2017 05:55:22 AM
  • @nutmeg_3128 mine too😊🌌
    14-Dec-2017 14:50:59 PM
  • @laylahh_s Ayy finally, I thought I was alone T.T
    14-Dec-2017 15:07:41 PM
  • @cyanidelion same as my brother
    14-Dec-2017 21:55:43 PM
  • @sophia_lahloui17 10 days apart! I’m the 7th
    14-Dec-2017 21:56:04 PM
  • @emilyfvogel my friend Andy is also on Christmas Eve, and my friend CJ is also the day after Christmas
    14-Dec-2017 21:56:53 PM
  • @cookie24324 lol 4 weeks later but sameeee im on the tenth😂😂
    14-Dec-2017 22:22:56 PM
  • April 23
    14-Dec-2017 23:37:43 PM
  • @a.ameetje ye sure
    14-Dec-2017 23:38:17 PM
  • Omg mines on Valentine’s Day as well my grandad always asks me if I have a boyfriend yet ugh
    15-Dec-2017 22:47:10 PM
  • December 22
    15-Dec-2017 23:42:04 PM
  • August 16 2005
    16-Dec-2017 03:32:08 AM
  • March 1
    16-Dec-2017 06:15:33 AM
  • 16-Dec-2017 09:36:05 AM
  • @harbanisachdeva my friend does
    16-Dec-2017 14:17:33 PM
  • 15th of Dec anyone
    16-Dec-2017 14:19:00 PM
  • @lgv_15 haha cool✌
    16-Dec-2017 15:07:48 PM
  • December 27th
    16-Dec-2017 16:08:17 PM
  • 2/23
    17-Dec-2017 00:31:49 AM
  • @honorpullman one day off
    17-Dec-2017 00:38:20 AM
  • March 17
    17-Dec-2017 02:33:18 AM
  • April 19th
    17-Dec-2017 04:15:37 AM
  • April 27
    17-Dec-2017 06:12:56 AM
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