HEAVY HITTERS STAY BANGIN THAT REAL STEEL! AND WE STAY PUTTING OUR NUMBERS ON THE PLATFORM! SO PULL UP OR SHUT UP! @strength_cartel @pitbull_torres @chrisgordert @gmoney831 @mr_orlando @ink_man63 @jjuicy5 ❌STRENGTHCARTEL.COM❌

  • @bigscboy damn .. I hope it’s all good between y’all and keep doing what you’re doing big homie you inspire me to push myself in the weight room!!
    15-Nov-2017 05:57:16 AM
  • Bang Bang!
    15-Nov-2017 05:58:54 AM
  • Good weight there!!!!
    15-Nov-2017 06:03:26 AM
  • Please call out Dingleberry at every opportunity 🙏
    15-Nov-2017 06:10:14 AM
  • This shit gets me fucking pumped!!
    15-Nov-2017 06:15:12 AM
  • Strength Cartel = Quality
    15-Nov-2017 06:23:58 AM
  • Welcome to #henchville
    15-Nov-2017 06:34:43 AM
  • When I grow up I want to a heavy hitter
    15-Nov-2017 06:35:02 AM
  • Oxy cotton tho
    15-Nov-2017 06:45:05 AM
  • Iil wyte though
    15-Nov-2017 06:48:45 AM
  • Strong dogs💪🏽
    15-Nov-2017 07:08:01 AM
  • Kill that weight homie
    15-Nov-2017 07:14:01 AM
  • Fuck yeah big boy weight!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
    15-Nov-2017 07:32:09 AM
  • Real strength 💪🏾
    15-Nov-2017 07:49:35 AM
  • @steviecfit straight up calling him out lol
    15-Nov-2017 08:24:45 AM
  • The Boo Yaa Tribe!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
    15-Nov-2017 08:40:20 AM
  • You guys always puttin it up. Real deal right there. Ain’t no fake fake weights being lift here 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 much respect to you guys
    15-Nov-2017 09:08:06 AM
  • The real heavy hitters fuck that dude that be lifting fake weights 4got his name .... How he that big and be pussy lmfaooo
    15-Nov-2017 09:33:27 AM
  • Hell yeah, BANG THAT SHIT...
    15-Nov-2017 12:16:41 PM
  • 💪💪💪
    15-Nov-2017 13:28:15 PM
  • Common brad pussyberry come lift real weight
    15-Nov-2017 13:33:12 PM
  • Wished I was puttin numbers up like you heavy hitters!
    15-Nov-2017 13:49:06 PM
  • What beat is this?
    15-Nov-2017 14:14:53 PM
  • Bang bang uso💯
    15-Nov-2017 14:14:54 PM
  • That's a bad dude
    15-Nov-2017 14:37:10 PM
  • @bigscboy I’ve been watching y’all YouTube channel for a minute .. there’s no group of lifters that work as hard as y’all nor got more loyalty and love for each other .. when y’all grind y’all grind together .. no man left behind .. dead game
    15-Nov-2017 14:56:22 PM
  • @bigscboy you and crew competing at LA Expo or just booth?? Either way see u there brorher..
    15-Nov-2017 19:08:15 PM
  • Bang it homie!
    16-Nov-2017 02:58:45 AM
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    16-Nov-2017 04:45:25 AM
  • 1000% 💪😎
    16-Nov-2017 04:54:25 AM
  • 😍😍😍😍😍
    16-Nov-2017 05:26:48 AM
  • @migibossmime nieuwe strijd😜
    16-Nov-2017 22:09:05 PM
  • They talking to @bradcastleberry put up, or shut up!
    16-Nov-2017 22:53:55 PM
  • Love the background music!!
    16-Nov-2017 23:32:16 PM
  • 17-Nov-2017 05:40:19 AM
  • you got this dude
    17-Nov-2017 08:07:09 AM
  • @shanebholai22 lil wyte oxy cotton
    17-Nov-2017 13:18:04 PM
  • Respect ✊🏾
    17-Nov-2017 16:15:47 PM
  • yooo check out @swimhack dudes a freaking monster
    17-Nov-2017 22:43:38 PM
  • @mike_era 👊👊
    17-Nov-2017 22:53:54 PM
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