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oh i’m fired? lol @djbewbz
This might scare you a bit. Sorry, we're just trying to help! The full article on this topic is available on and in the Curiosity app! #drinks #drinking #lemon #ice #beverage #cocktail #germs #bacteria #health #science #curiosity
I like the way ya wurk iiiiit, an overwhelming surplus of diggity LOL #repost #regram
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving! 😋 Idk about y’all but my family usually has a full bar set up hours before the feast even begins! 🍻 #cheers - Ya know, it usually starts out slow. Then your cousin has one to many and starts dishing out the family T and Uncle Ted is drunk although you’re pretty sure he was drunk when he got there and now suddenly beer pong is set up. You have to show off your mad skills to pay the bills and now you know you’re going to have one..or two too many 🤦🏼‍♀️ You know you cant afford a hangover - esp for Black Friday! - So what causes a hangover? Basically its a combination of dehydration and your body being depleted of the electrolytes, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals it normally uses to ward off the symptoms of a hangover. That means that the right formula at the right dose, you can actually eliminate the side effects of drinking. -⠀⠀⠀ @1stPhorm has perfected this formula & IT WORKS! If you watch our athlete weekends together you always see a REMEDY bottle floating around in our stories lol Yes, we are a supplement company that sells a hangover product. Yes we are admitting that as humans we enjoy a drink or 5 every now and then. Why do you think we came up with this product in the first place? It's because we love letting loose with friends when we get the chance. But we can't let that affect how productive we are the next day! - We aren't encouraging drinking by any means, that's always a personal choice. But because we know many do, we wanted to take care of the dreaded hangover issue! @1stphorm always has you covered! -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Once you try it, you wont ever want to drink again without it. We back that with our 110% money back guarantee! The best part is its something you don’t use all the time so its great to have on hand! One bottle will last you 10 parties! Sounds to me like 1 bottle will get you through the holiday parties just fine 💁🏼After all, theres only 6 weeks left in the year!...If you got more parties to attend than that, you wild. - Tap the link in my bio now to prevent the dreaded hangover this Holiday season! And it goes without saying, BE RESPONSIBLE! Never drink and drive & don’t be stupid. - 📸 @davidmullis
@blacktoad is pretty good at #datenight 🥂💖 ✨🔮 #magic #drinks #cardtricks #nerdsinlurve #thxbb
Doing what i do n smilin while doin it 😁 drop in if around town tonight 😎🍻🍹🕺😜 #housemusic #disco #drinks #party #dj
Perf 👌🏼 😍 @mans__space
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