• 😀
    15-Nov-2017 02:58:10 AM
  • 15-Nov-2017 03:03:57 AM
  • 15-Nov-2017 06:01:09 AM
  • C'est papamaman qui vont être contents!😘😅
    15-Nov-2017 15:05:08 PM
  • 👋👌
    16-Nov-2017 10:43:51 AM
  • Nice
    17-Nov-2017 10:21:34 AM
  • Cute
    21-Nov-2017 10:14:12 AM
  • A quand un vol avec toi. Jamais le Vietnam ou les usa
    23-Nov-2017 06:36:19 AM
  • Let's visit Indonesia 😊🇲🇨
    25-Nov-2017 08:50:38 AM
  • 😤 fini le rose ! 💕
    25-Nov-2017 17:08:48 PM
  • Please check dm please replay in direct message
    25-Nov-2017 22:25:38 PM
  • Please check dm please replay in direct message
    25-Nov-2017 22:25:39 PM
  • Please check dm please replay in direct message
    26-Nov-2017 08:38:07 AM
  • ✅Very beautiful picture....
    04-Dec-2017 05:21:35 AM
  • @justineemily come on to Indonesia travelling with @wasiswisata_id
    06-Dec-2017 08:30:03 AM
  • Come on travelling to Indonesia with @wasiswisata_id
    06-Dec-2017 08:30:38 AM
  • Message me babe I'm blocked I'm gonna show u something amazing and big
    13-Dec-2017 10:23:29 AM
  • Hello my name is Dana and I'm a psychic reader and advisor I came across your name and felt a really strong energy from you I started to pick up your energy and see you have some things on your mind lately and need to make a decision but having trouble making the right decisions and your not sure why. Please contact me for more information my email address is Readingsbydana
    15-Dec-2017 22:09:55 PM
  • @justineemily Please contact me ASAP i see you need answers an insight.
    15-Dec-2017 22:11:19 PM
  • Haha I sure don't give cheap psychic insight on IG like my predecessor, I just dropped by to say I know the feeling of staring at your walls wondering what color and the how and the when, not to forget the how much...
    26-Dec-2017 02:40:50 AM
  • Love!😍❤️😍
    27-Dec-2017 15:39:53 PM
  • Wow👌!!
    14-Jan-2018 13:21:04 PM
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