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Game Over!!! ...yada ‘kendi kendine gelin güvey olmak’ 🤣...ilk başta kendi anne babamın ve geleceğin tüm anne, baba ve öğretmen adayların, öğretmenler günü kutlu ola... ‘To all future Mothers And Fathers and other Teachers in Life...Happy Teachers Day.’ #öğretmenlergünükutluolsun #aile #çocuk #eğitim #kids #education #family
I appreciate all that have told me happy thanksgiving but I honestly don't celebrate. As a person of Native American and of African American Heritage I just can't celebrate mass killing. Yes I am happy to live in America, but at the same time I just don't celebrate. Hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy... Remember to be thankful everyday and we won't need just one day. And for those that say "That was so long ago, move on!" It's pretty damn hard to move on when it is constantly thrown in your face... and not only thrown in your face but with a lil bit of "lie" sprinkled on top. And that goes for anyone that is mistreated in such a way. Look what is happening in our country and with The world today. This post is to spread love and to have people understand that there is no moving past something as long as that something is thrown in your face constantly. It's like being in an abusive relationship that came into your house beat you, killed your family raped your wife but then said sorry but then celebrated that day every year of how they took your house, raped and killed your family all while making the story sound like you invited them into your house and how you offered your house to them... all while negating to bring up all the bad things that happened told to let go of the abusive ways because we need to move forward. It to mention how they convinced many of your family do these same acts to their own people. Before over reacting and thinking people are bitter or angry put yourself in the shoes of the person first and you just might see that they actually are making sense.
#Repost @fatihashuib ・・・ We are officially open for ticket purchase!! Charity Concert One Moment for Them : The Stateless Generation 20th January 2018 University Malaysia Sabah Purchase and donate at #1moment4them #talent #givingback #stateless #education #economysocial #charityconcert #awareness #campaign #sabah
Part Juan on the history of Iran, also happy thanksgiving to you all that live in the US,UK, and Mexico #iran #mexico #muslim #arabic #meme #kek #history #empire #education
This is another picture showing US Tripp’s as they engulf themselves in a thanksgiving meal on the Western Front during World War Two. If you notice, they are taking refuge inside a bombed out house. While my last post went into detail about thanksgiving itself in 1944, this one will focus more on what was happening in the war in that year. So thus far, the western allies had decisively defeated the allies in Normandy, liberated Paris, torn eastward, failed during Operation Market Garden which set in stone a longer war, liberated southern France, and were now piercing into Germany itself after acquiring victory at Aachen. The Battle of Hürtgen Forest was raging by the time of thanksgiving, and the US were suffering large amount of casualties as a result. In the East, the Soviets were forcing the Germans into hard retreats all across the entire front as they simply outnumbered the Germans on land and in the air by too much. In Italy, the Germans had been pushed back to the Gothic Line in the North and were holding there against the US, British, and other nations such as Free France. The Gothic Line would not fall until spring of 1945. But, back to the western front where these men were. The Battle of Hürtgen Forest is often shadowed by what came after it: the Battle of the Bulge. Hürtgen was meant to be the staging point for the allies to flank the Germans and surround them in Aachen. That or to simply pin German troops down so that they couldn’t reinforce Aachen. The Germans, on the other hand, attempted to pin down the allies, and it worked, and they knew they needed to hold the enemy off until preparations were ready for their Ardennes Counter-Offensive (Operation Watch the Rhine) (the Battle of the Bulge). So, to put it’s plainly, these troops were most likely not in a state of calm when they were jamming their teeth into this thanksgiving meal. They were probably thankful for the good meal, but their minds were no doubt preoccupied by the current battle.
Let’s be thankful for our fingers this thanksgiving! 🤲 🦃 Traumatic amputation of this poor patient! Luckily he had his fingers have been reattached. Post-op photos coming soon! 😬 . Amputated parts should be retrieved and brought to the emergency department because they can provide a valuable source of tissue, even if the part is not replantable. Bleeding vessels in the stump should not be clamped. Hemostatic control of the stump can be achieved with a compressive dressing and elevation. The amputated part should be wrapped in a saline-moistened gauze sponge placed in a plastic bag. The plastic bag should be sealed and placed on ice. The amputated part should not be placed directly on ice because this could result in a frostbite injury to the vessels. The part should not be immersed in water; Urbaniak has demonstrated that this makes digital vessel repair more difficult and less reliable. . Recommended ischemia times for reliable success with replantation are 12 hours of warm and 24 hours of cold ischemia for digits and 6 hours of warm and 12 hours of cold ischemia for major replants, although successful replantation has been reported after longer ischemia times. . Although replantation has improved the lives of many, not all persons who have experienced amputation benefit from or are candidates for replantation. The replantation procedure represents the culmination of the field of hand surgery as a successful replantation often requires repairing blood vessels, nerves, and tendons. . Contraindications to replantation include amputations with vascular and nerve injuries at multiple levels. Patients who are mentally unstable are poor candidates for replantation because they are prone to reamputate the replanted part. A frustrating example of this is a patient who reamputated his replanted penis in the recovery room after hours of difficult surgery. 🤦‍♂️ . If you or a loved one are experiencing these conditions, go to the emergency room immediately to prevent any further complications. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! 🤓 . FOLLOW US & TAG YOUR FRIENDS!
Celebrating technology in #Education with Early Childhood Australia. #childcare