• Beautiful! I love it
    15-Nov-2017 01:13:13 AM
  • Wow!! This is so amazing! Happy howlidays
    15-Nov-2017 02:28:06 AM
  • Such a cute Christmas set up!
    15-Nov-2017 03:04:08 AM
  • This is amazing
    15-Nov-2017 04:04:37 AM
  • Awww this is adorable
    15-Nov-2017 04:54:44 AM
  • Oh you two are just adorbs πŸ˜‹
    15-Nov-2017 06:19:55 AM
  • Ooh that is beautiful!
    15-Nov-2017 06:56:21 AM
  • Really nice shot πŸ€— πŸŽ…
    15-Nov-2017 13:11:15 PM
  • What a great Christmas lhoto
    15-Nov-2017 13:13:43 PM
  • Love this shot
    15-Nov-2017 15:10:28 PM
  • Absolutly Gorgeous ❀ I love it
    15-Nov-2017 18:55:51 PM
  • I love that background!
    15-Nov-2017 19:04:40 PM
  • This is gorgeous! Great photo.
    15-Nov-2017 19:04:48 PM
  • nice shot of the pups 😍
    15-Nov-2017 23:02:13 PM
  • That is so cute!
    16-Nov-2017 03:40:36 AM
  • Awww, so cute! ❀️
    16-Nov-2017 05:21:46 AM
  • This is very pretty!
    16-Nov-2017 13:43:22 PM
  • Love this so much ❀️ what a great pic for a card!
    16-Nov-2017 14:20:10 PM
  • This is gorgeous! So christmassy
    17-Nov-2017 17:30:38 PM
  • So cute! Hope they made it onto your Xmas card
    17-Nov-2017 19:09:10 PM
  • The light is so cool!
    17-Nov-2017 21:48:15 PM
  • I second the Christmas card comment @hd_akk
    18-Nov-2017 05:29:42 AM
  • They are adorable as well
    18-Nov-2017 22:42:21 PM
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