I know how to #hurt with #kisses 💔

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Ya sé porqué el mar es salado: porque todo lo dulce te lo llevaste tú 💙📝🌹
First time meal prepping in forever! Time to get muh baby abs back.. 💪 #goals
You will never walk the path that I walk. You're too afraid of the risk involved. I'm nothing like you. I live to spite you. Thanks @jacobdoneytattoo for slamming my face #blackhair #headtattoos #tattoos #plugs #facetattoos #headtattoos #riverside
I made it to Phoenix... This isn't a photo of me in Phoenix. I do what I want ha ha. . Happy humpday !
700 POUNDS FOR 2.99999 REPS!!! Proud of my BOY @pitbull_torres!!! BANGIN BIG BOY WEIGHT AT 180 POUNDS!!! #DEADGAME ▪Tees, tanks and supplements NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AT ✖STRENGTHCARTEL.COM✖ ▪Link in bio▪
🧞‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️... IMC NATION
Sheeeeesh @landonmcbroom_ & @simplyshyla make a nigga wanna get cuffed up on the low lmao 😭 (SONG IN BIO) for those who have been asking