#crestline (& international) flight no. 1. two ravens ridge soaring. hello. #smoothflight above city smog inversion. #bubbles #easylaunch in the Nimbus. good steady cycles.. 5-10 mph ah! this is home.. hmm where is the LZ? lets go towards marshall to get bearings.. ah there it is.. a dinky patch of spring water irrigated lush green, amidst all the arid greyish-green-brown.. i see johnny is low.. ah there! he has found a spout.. now climbing past me over there.. jsun riding the ridge beautifully near launch. #goodlanding slight overshoot.. baseleg a bit high over training-hill- treeline. score 1:0. 15h00ish #extendedsled #freeflightlog #crestlinehglaunch

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