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I call this look "smile/grimace/holding my sleepy eye open". I've got a short day of work stuffs & a 💪🏼 & then I am implanting my ass into my lovesac and playing Zelda until I am unconscious. What are y'all doing this Sunday?? #sundayFUNDAYYYYY #keepshrineing #breatheofthewild #imaddictedtosidequests #stillneed10000rupeesfor4thgreatfairy #plzsaysomeoneunderstandsme #lol Also these are @gymshark dreamy leggings and the hoodies are linked in my bio!! Love you guiseeeee 🍍❤️
Smooth boi hours🎷💦 collab with my twin brother @memegourmet follow him right now 😤👌 (sound on)
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¡Como dos gotitas de agua! Esta es una de las mejores fotos que nos ha regalado Shakira 😝 . . . #repost @shakira
D-Wade hurt Nate’s feelings😂😢 How tall are you? 🤔 . Follow me @Sportzmixes For More💯
The struggle is real 🤣 . @DOYOUEVENWOMEN 👈🏼 SEAMLESS IS HERE! 😱🍑
Ouch. When your team up “Avengers” movie is the lowest opening weekend out your entire DCEU lineup there is a major problem. The DC fans spoke with their wallets. Your move WB/DC. —— Graphic by @johncampea Edit by Me @tcdoestoomuch