I found this slime while organizing today👍 It’s kind of hard though . . . #slimeusa #slimelife #slimelover #slimesquad #slime #slimefest #crafts #fun #creative #rainbow #talisatossell #thecrunchyrepost

  • @yoo__naaaa 만들어줘
    16-Nov-2017 12:02:26 PM
  • @by_eunjii 카톡 케이스나 골라줘읽어바 지발~~~~
    16-Nov-2017 12:06:32 PM
  • Haha
    16-Nov-2017 12:53:50 PM
  • This is so creative
    16-Nov-2017 12:57:05 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 13:31:47 PM
  • So crunchy ... i love that sound 😍😍
    16-Nov-2017 13:53:09 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 14:09:06 PM
  • 😍😍😍😍💗💗
    16-Nov-2017 14:12:18 PM
  • clever at first I thought that was pretty fishy to me lol!!!😂
    16-Nov-2017 14:36:51 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 15:26:44 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 15:33:10 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 15:58:38 PM
  • 👂👂👂👂👍
    16-Nov-2017 17:11:21 PM
  • @dannirauen eu não quero mais viver
    16-Nov-2017 17:13:12 PM
  • 16-Nov-2017 17:13:15 PM
  • @emilyrebekah_ i️m crying
    16-Nov-2017 18:28:33 PM
  • @_claaaudiiiaaa__ slimee🌝❤
    16-Nov-2017 20:28:34 PM
  • @annasangwin !! So satisfying wow
    16-Nov-2017 21:23:42 PM
  • @livviekirk the noise!! 😍
    16-Nov-2017 21:24:17 PM
    16-Nov-2017 21:33:54 PM
  • Ayyy. I made that once. I made it like a year ago, I think.😂
    16-Nov-2017 23:37:45 PM
  • What the hell is that stuff
    17-Nov-2017 02:25:47 AM
  • 😍😍😂 @natt.267
    17-Nov-2017 03:10:30 AM
  • @yo_its_addie_ I think it might be fishbowl rocks, like the rocks that go at the bottom of the tank but I’m not sure
    17-Nov-2017 07:13:06 AM
  • IT LOOKS LIKE A FRUITY PEBBLES rice crispy treat
    17-Nov-2017 07:51:55 AM
  • Omg 😮😍
    17-Nov-2017 21:07:24 PM
  • The real “fish bowl” slime
    17-Nov-2017 22:27:27 PM
  • @white_on_blaxk 😩😩😩😭
    18-Nov-2017 00:14:38 AM
  • 18-Nov-2017 00:15:02 AM
  • Hxzxhsjvxh ubddrddds.
    18-Nov-2017 00:24:12 AM
  • It looks like the colorful fish tank rocks
    18-Nov-2017 03:05:46 AM
  • My friend has that stuff she bought it to school one day
    18-Nov-2017 07:13:09 AM
  • Me encanta
    18-Nov-2017 17:19:39 PM
  • Oseaaaa
    18-Nov-2017 17:19:39 PM
  • Fish rocks
    18-Nov-2017 19:33:14 PM
  • @brysonprince8 it is I have those in my tank
    18-Nov-2017 22:32:51 PM
  • Did u break into my house and steal my pet’s decor!!! Shame
    19-Nov-2017 02:39:06 AM
  • It’s sooo cool
    19-Nov-2017 16:25:39 PM
  • 20-Nov-2017 02:45:17 AM
  • Wow that’s a good and creative idea!Making crunchy slime with aquarium rocks 😊
    21-Nov-2017 00:35:46 AM
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