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I am incredibly grateful for YOU ALL (and for this guy 👆 @justtrain) for inspiring me on a daily basis. Happy Thanksgiving team ❤️ #tbt
03. “Bom dia “ 4 x 20 + 4 extensão de quadril até a falha 04. Glúteo no cabo 4 x 15 com pico de contração 05. Lateral no cabo 4 x 15 + isometria até a falha #nainteGra #treinodagra #teamgracyanne #VemPraMax #bumbumnanuca #treinoanimal #teammaxtitanium #teammadrugao #fit #fitness
Lo llaman suerte, pero es constancia. Casualidad, pero es disciplina. Genética, pero es esfuerzo. 💪💪💪💪💪 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymtime #fit #fitnessgirl #constancia #motivacion
so thankful for you!!! and you and you and you and you! 💗 have an amazing thanksgiving loves. tell your families we say hi too 🤗🤗 xxo @karenadawn & @katrinaascott
🙏VEGAN THANKSGIVING🙏 Last year we turned up and celebrated God, family, compassion and love unconditional with heART of COOL family member @officialgreymusic and @chefnikkiinthemix . So check out my Gratitude video card to all of you light beings out there. And love a little more and forgive a little more and stay focus on that which is positive just a little bit more today AND watch the universe unfold 4 you! 💜Love & Light☀️
Very cool circus show act with Russian Swing and Trapeze 💯💯💯👍👍 #grt
PLEASE READ ➡️ First off I want to say THANK YOU, to everyone SINGLE ONE OF YOU who has been there and supported me over the years, without y’all I wouldn’t be able to stand today at a place in my life where I can say I honestly feel true fulfillment, true gratitude, & true happiness....Now with that being said I want to make a point, life is not always is not supposed to be. Hard sh*t, tough times, that’s what makes us who we are & that’s what makes us truly feel a sense of thankfulness...being truly grateful. So whatever point you are at in your life just know that it ALWAYS has the capability of getting better. The magic happens when you allow yourself to be THANKFUL even when you don’t have “IT”...and “IT” can be anything you place value in... money, success, love, things, whatever really. The point is if you allow yourself to be grateful and thankful even in the darkest times it will shape will sharpen will allow you to be able to see the GOOD ALWAYS. And that’s the magic...that’s when people ask me how do you stay motivated how do u stay’s because I’ve been in the shittiest mindsets...I’ve had the darkest thoughts, but I am able to see the light in any situation no matter how bad it gets, and in doing so it has allowed me to see what really matters. So thank each and everyone of you guys who has rocked with me for years across the interwebz I am truly grateful for you. I challenge u this thanksgiving day to remind yourself what you are Truly grateful for. LETS GET BETTER TOGETHER.
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