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    22-Oct-2017 20:57:05 PM
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I LOVETHIS AHAHA --> follow @biologicalie for more!
YOU CAN DO THAT? BRB. That's it, that's all. USUM win game of the year and I don't care what IGN says. Idk why people are complaining about USUM, you would not hesitate to buy "Pokemon Eclipse" so why complain now unless you didn't buy "Crystal, Emerald, Platinum." Now that I think about it, I think people were expecting another B/W2 and not just a carbon copy with some new characters/ plot changes #Pokemon #Pokedex #Lol #Anime #Tumblr #Tumblrpost #Pikachu #SM #Textpost
I call this look "smile/grimace/holding my sleepy eye open". I've got a short day of work stuffs & a 💪🏼 & then I am implanting my ass into my lovesac and playing Zelda until I am unconscious. What are y'all doing this Sunday?? #sundayFUNDAYYYYY #keepshrineing #breatheofthewild #imaddictedtosidequests #stillneed10000rupeesfor4thgreatfairy #plzsaysomeoneunderstandsme #lol Also these are @gymshark dreamy leggings and the hoodies are linked in my bio!! Love you guiseeeee 🍍❤️
¡Como dos gotitas de agua! Esta es una de las mejores fotos que nos ha regalado Shakira 😝 . . . #repost @shakira
Smooth boi hours🎷💦 collab with my twin brother @memegourmet follow him right now 😤👌 (sound on)
Let people do what they want
Ya like 6 extra 😷 ( @cosmoskyle)