Scott's #GuildD35 and my #GibsonCountryWestern spending some time together this morning. The #GuildGuitar is from #1968 and the #GibsonGuitar is from #1967. #vintageguitar #vintageacoustic #acousticguitar #vintageguitars

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Negroni Ice Ball from @jmshinhira ⚪️💯 I love seeing this...he went to school on @cocktailchemistry tutorials and elevated his cocktail experience at home!👌🏻
Wet negroni.
1 oz gin, 1 oz campari, 1 oz vermouth bianco, stirred with ice.
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Come on down for The 12th annual Endzone bowl.We will serving u old fashion style turkey at low price. Lots of drink specials and great prizes. Kick off starts at noon right till 2am! Come on down and enjoy the 3 football games all in high def! Shout out @molsoncanadian and penny pictures costumes @ 1149 Main St east Hamilton.
It’s getting close to the holidays, which means seeing lots of family and old friends 🎄 If you need some booze-y inspiration to get you through the next month and a half, look no further than my newest blog post ✏️ I recreated FOUR classic & popular cocktails that you can make at home (also super inexpensive!). Follow the link in my bio! 🍹🍷🥂😋 . . . . . . . . #lifestyle #mensstyle #beard #hair #ootd #foodie #streetwear #drinks #cocktails #foodporn #menshair #menfashion #breakfast #blogger #outfit #menwithstyle #bloggerstyle #foodblogger #fresh #canada #canadian #toronto #torontostyle #torontofashion
Free Gift Cards 😄Giveaway! Hey guys, i' back with more giveaways & this time I've teamed up with @thetravelbottle to give 2 lucky winners a $25 #gift card each to spend 👨🏻‍💻 on ( The #winners will be picked by tomorrow and all you have to do is: _ 1️⃣ Follow @fooodeelicious @thetravelbottle 2️⃣Tag a friend in the comment below to be registered. More than one entry are allowed. 3️⃣ Make sure to like this picture as well. _ Good luck guys 😊💯, the #winners will be picked by the end of tomorrow on IG Stories at 12:00am.
I want to be yours and be the only one not be the one of them.- . . . #presotea #bubbledrink #bubblelovers #bubblelicious #milkdrink #drinks #milkshake
Ancestral beer brewing and primitive carbonation. This was a fun experiment I did a couple of years ago related to creating carbonation using simple foraged tools. It's basically a low alcohol primitive forest beer (mugwort, yarrow, willow bark, turkey tail mushrooms) brewed with various sources of sugar (cane, honey, insect honeydew) for 4-5 days. Enough to get you a nice buzz. These days, all beers are carbonated but I wanted to figure out a way our ancestors could have done it without the advantage of somewhat modern material such as glass bottles. My solution was to create a sort of swing-top bottle using a gourd. A layer of dried mugwort was placed between the top of the gourd and the main body. Using local yucca fiber I made a bow and placed it on day 4 of the fermentation. Due to the pressure exercised by the bow, by the next day I managed to achieved a slight carbonation in my wild beer. I love doing stuff like that, kind of pushing the boundaries of what you can do with food or drinks and the interaction of natural ingredients and material. This is on page 230 in my book "The New Wildcrafted Cuisine". If you need a gift for yourself or a friend, it's available on amazon. #beer #brewing #fermentation #brew #wildbeer #drinks #mixology #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #cooking with neer
I would say scotch is probably my least favorite spirit. So when a bartender like @jjalgatt makes a cocktail that’s perfectly balanced and delicious, and I actually LOVE’s impressive. This drink is so so good! Found at This is - Grizzly Sage - #scotch / sage / lime / pamplemousse / bitters #cheers #losangeles MUSIC BY @littlehelpers4djs (credits end of video)