• Looks great to me X
    21-Oct-2017 06:23:01 AM
  • @caroline_lingwood thanks, I should be paying a photographer!!!
    21-Oct-2017 06:26:48 AM
  • Look fine to me...
    21-Oct-2017 07:23:34 AM
  • If you get a polarising filter (screws unto the end of your lens) it will reduce glare and reflection.
    21-Oct-2017 07:54:37 AM
  • @lorriewhittington thanks, it didn’t help Julian in the background tinkering with his motorbike!!! I’ll try that tip x
    21-Oct-2017 08:39:50 AM
  • Those domes always look great.
    21-Oct-2017 09:29:49 AM
  • Well done though...
    21-Oct-2017 10:53:49 AM
  • LOVE xx cannot wait to see these in the flesh Tamar xx
    29-Oct-2017 15:18:33 PM
  • Thanks @janeylouisejones these are going to be at @art_inclay #Farnham, well worth a trip x
    29-Oct-2017 17:12:55 PM
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