( @x__social_butterfly__x) is one of my favorite furry critter meme accounts on the Gram!

  • I’m dumb 😂
    21-Oct-2017 03:24:56 AM
  • I thought she got shot in the head
    21-Oct-2017 03:33:37 AM
  • Looks like blood. They should do blue paint.
    21-Oct-2017 04:19:25 AM
  • OMG
    21-Oct-2017 04:26:34 AM
  • 🙏
    21-Oct-2017 04:49:16 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 05:01:12 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 05:12:31 AM
  • @sagarika_uday oh, nice. Reminds me of the age-old Hindi serial Kumkum hehe😀
    21-Oct-2017 05:36:59 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 06:35:28 AM
  • @chloevansto teddy should be worshipped
    21-Oct-2017 07:08:28 AM
  • @mysterethan04 That’s red powder used to worship gods in Hinduism asshole
    21-Oct-2017 07:15:16 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 07:42:25 AM
  • Are you okay? @rockstar._.ronan
    21-Oct-2017 09:11:56 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 09:18:12 AM
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    21-Oct-2017 09:46:07 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 11:27:44 AM
  • That's awesome!!!
    21-Oct-2017 11:57:58 AM
  • yrs
    21-Oct-2017 11:59:44 AM
  • Dogs are abused and are considered pests and vermin in nepal, what do you mean worship @drsmashlove
    21-Oct-2017 12:01:47 PM
  • 🔥🔥
    21-Oct-2017 13:06:18 PM
  • @brandonlaverty only the muslims do that. Most Muslim countries treat animals like shit. Its more of a hindu Tradition.
    21-Oct-2017 14:09:07 PM
  • Proud to be nepali @mee_nihh haha
    21-Oct-2017 15:12:58 PM
  • 21-Oct-2017 16:30:21 PM
  • @nikita.sapkotaa too cute😍
    21-Oct-2017 17:11:38 PM
  • Admirable :slightly_smiling_face:
    21-Oct-2017 20:13:22 PM
  • So cute 😍😍😂😂❤️💖💗❤️💖💗❤️💖💗
    21-Oct-2017 20:44:20 PM
  • 22-Oct-2017 04:55:01 AM
  • Que tienen las cabeza y en las patas, pobrecito es pintura verdad. ???
    22-Oct-2017 08:55:46 AM
  • @ah_navarro15 love it
    22-Oct-2017 19:32:27 PM
  • 🍻🍻🍻🍻
    23-Oct-2017 06:41:55 AM
  • 23-Oct-2017 11:04:31 AM
  • Awww she has the stigmata
    23-Oct-2017 23:51:16 PM
  • 24-Oct-2017 15:37:19 PM
  • @helenthelittleasian it isn't paint lmao😂
    25-Oct-2017 17:27:17 PM
  • @helenthelittleasian powder, paint same thing just one doesn't have water
    25-Oct-2017 18:19:47 PM
  • 26-Oct-2017 05:14:34 AM
  • @mvhi.quinn no need to call them an asshole
    01-Nov-2017 18:13:12 PM
  • @mysterethan04 And who are you actually telling me all that ? lol 😂
    01-Nov-2017 18:28:42 PM
  • @maria.romera.suarez Si, es pintura que le ponen en nepal festejando el dia del perro
    15-Nov-2017 17:30:41 PM
  • Nepal🇳🇵
    16-Nov-2017 16:33:24 PM
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