Who would try this

  • 20-Oct-2017 18:19:26 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 18:22:30 PM
  • Its actually really confusing because most of omnipollo beers are awesome
    20-Oct-2017 18:24:19 PM
  • what is this
    20-Oct-2017 18:27:40 PM
  • NICE
    20-Oct-2017 18:34:59 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 18:53:23 PM
  • @dr_biziness so funny , 5/7
    20-Oct-2017 18:53:39 PM
  • Its burgers, fries and alcohol
    20-Oct-2017 18:58:24 PM
  • Hahahaha
    20-Oct-2017 19:06:58 PM
  • *flies to mars*
    20-Oct-2017 19:21:28 PM
  • Isn't the oil going to ruin the beer?
    20-Oct-2017 19:21:59 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 19:28:58 PM
  • somehow still better than chocolate stout
    20-Oct-2017 19:30:27 PM
  • No
    20-Oct-2017 19:48:11 PM
  • Ugh 😫
    20-Oct-2017 20:19:00 PM
  • Wait what is
    20-Oct-2017 20:21:14 PM
  • Issa Liquid McDouble Diet
    20-Oct-2017 21:09:35 PM
  • That's not nearly as bad as the ipa I saw made with oysters and their shells.
    20-Oct-2017 21:11:00 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 21:43:25 PM
  • I don't want to live anymore
    20-Oct-2017 21:45:53 PM
  • @prefontaine33 would you try this IPA???? 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️
    20-Oct-2017 21:46:25 PM
  • @mikehousley17 I love oysters on the half shell but 😷😷😷🤢🤢🤢
    20-Oct-2017 21:47:02 PM
  • Yeah man. It's every bit as gross as it sounds.
    20-Oct-2017 21:47:44 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 21:50:55 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 22:23:44 PM
  • me
    20-Oct-2017 22:37:23 PM
  • Lmao
    20-Oct-2017 23:41:37 PM
  • Wtf gross
    21-Oct-2017 00:21:34 AM
  • Nope not me
    21-Oct-2017 00:49:30 AM
  • @scheeeer what in the fuck
    21-Oct-2017 01:37:03 AM
  • Nah
    21-Oct-2017 02:45:17 AM
  • @0farhana this reminds me of the vault of crabby patties squid ward goes into😂
    21-Oct-2017 03:17:22 AM
  • Hmmmmm
    21-Oct-2017 18:01:34 PM
  • 🍻
    21-Oct-2017 23:11:41 PM
  • @mikehousley17 I’ve seen recipes for colonial times where you put a dead chicken in the fermenter. Nopity nopity NOPE
    24-Oct-2017 01:21:03 AM
  • 25-Oct-2017 01:01:08 AM
  • Keep Grinding !!🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏
    25-Oct-2017 09:14:22 AM
  • 30-Oct-2017 22:28:32 PM
  • 👍🔝!!
    18-Nov-2017 14:22:21 PM
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