#Pink claims #ChristinaAguilera once tried to punch her in a club! πŸ‘ŠThe link in our bio has more details about their beef. (πŸ“·:Getty Images)β €

  • Skanks
    21-Oct-2017 05:05:14 AM
  • I miss Christina so much
    21-Oct-2017 05:39:16 AM
  • Pink & Christina Aguilera!
    21-Oct-2017 07:08:29 AM
  • All I can say is wtf
    21-Oct-2017 08:08:47 AM
  • Whaaaaat????
    21-Oct-2017 08:38:23 AM
  • ChristinaπŸ”₯
    21-Oct-2017 09:28:29 AM
  • In my youth if I came across someone like Pink, i would too. Ha
    21-Oct-2017 10:14:21 AM
  • I believe between the beef in the past
    21-Oct-2017 11:08:55 AM
  • LoL
    21-Oct-2017 11:15:17 AM
  • Oh just stop it!!!πŸ™„
    21-Oct-2017 12:15:31 PM
  • @guyanamemes she is a tomboy not lesbian
    21-Oct-2017 13:14:37 PM
  • Too funny
    21-Oct-2017 14:46:05 PM
  • @xtina is the best😍😍❀️❀️
    21-Oct-2017 17:37:21 PM
  • Hello
    21-Oct-2017 18:35:19 PM
  • 21-Oct-2017 18:53:10 PM
  • Christina Aguilera is the queen😍
    21-Oct-2017 19:03:33 PM
  • Christina Aguilera is the queen😍
    21-Oct-2017 19:03:46 PM
  • @team_smart_is_beautiful literally me and you
    21-Oct-2017 23:23:28 PM
  • @pink_rhino haha yasssss
    21-Oct-2017 23:59:42 PM
  • 22-Oct-2017 02:25:23 AM
  • @madis0nwilkins wow love both these looks
    22-Oct-2017 03:07:52 AM
  • @guyanamemes she looks like a man
    22-Oct-2017 03:23:56 AM
  • Two amazing singers
    22-Oct-2017 11:59:31 AM
  • Like katy vs. Taylor
    22-Oct-2017 15:05:38 PM
  • Or like taylor vs. Katy
    22-Oct-2017 15:05:57 PM
  • πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
    22-Oct-2017 17:01:29 PM
  • Your Life Powered by Wisp 1 DAY @ Auction Great for Software Company/TECH/APP
    22-Oct-2017 18:03:59 PM
  • Lol
    23-Oct-2017 05:36:32 AM
  • YOLO
    23-Oct-2017 10:59:12 AM
  • ☺
    24-Oct-2017 09:12:11 AM
  • I love both. My Christina.
    24-Oct-2017 14:25:58 PM
  • Nice!
    26-Oct-2017 18:16:55 PM
  • That's crazy my stomachs looks just like yours, pink
    27-Oct-2017 23:26:54 PM
  • I remember they used to not like each other
    14-Nov-2017 10:41:50 AM
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