• Let's spray paint a gold circle on your face.... Wow, such fashion, such cute, much wow! 👍
    20-Oct-2017 18:06:41 PM
  • @blondi213 🤦‍♀️
    20-Oct-2017 18:36:52 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 19:38:59 PM
  • What’s the point of that
    20-Oct-2017 20:00:55 PM
  • wtf
    20-Oct-2017 20:10:25 PM
  • Wtf? 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️
    20-Oct-2017 20:46:01 PM
  • Ke
    20-Oct-2017 21:13:26 PM
  • Ew
    20-Oct-2017 21:13:28 PM
  • Horrible
    20-Oct-2017 21:13:30 PM
  • Hola ⁉️🤔
    20-Oct-2017 21:56:08 PM
  • 😊🤣
    21-Oct-2017 01:37:55 AM
  • Wtf
    21-Oct-2017 02:20:51 AM
  • Flot😭😭😭😭 @xgzonim
    21-Oct-2017 02:35:19 AM
  • Зач?
    21-Oct-2017 02:36:37 AM
  • @1indita du kan bare få en til at lave tyndskid på dit hoved hæh
    21-Oct-2017 02:36:38 AM
  • @1indita men du stadig speciel 🤓
    21-Oct-2017 02:37:08 AM
  • ???
    21-Oct-2017 03:59:48 AM
  • Gt
    21-Oct-2017 06:28:12 AM
  • This was just gold fucking spray paint around her ear lol wtf... Probably toxic?
    21-Oct-2017 06:39:35 AM
  • Ehh
    21-Oct-2017 09:45:21 AM
  • 👏👏
    21-Oct-2017 10:28:45 AM
  • 21-Oct-2017 13:02:40 PM
  • @hyelloimmya lmao true
    21-Oct-2017 15:16:01 PM
  • Что это ??? То на ступню херню лепят , то возле ухо круги рисуют !
    21-Oct-2017 16:07:55 PM
  • Uhhhhh spray paint fashion @voraginous
    21-Oct-2017 20:33:30 PM
  • I’m so excited for the weekend
    21-Oct-2017 21:09:15 PM
  • Lorld @. @111 @
    21-Oct-2017 22:31:25 PM
  • 21-Oct-2017 22:31:36 PM
  • @kaelenap wtf was the point in this
    22-Oct-2017 04:06:38 AM
  • 🤷🏼‍♀️
    22-Oct-2017 20:40:24 PM
  • @teticia26 what was the point of that? Lmao
    23-Oct-2017 01:49:04 AM
  • I don't get it
    23-Oct-2017 14:14:42 PM
  • 23-Oct-2017 14:14:54 PM
  • wtf 😒
    23-Oct-2017 21:28:16 PM
  • Why????
    25-Oct-2017 04:18:17 AM
  • Esa frente tan imunda
    25-Oct-2017 09:35:17 AM
  • and what?
    25-Oct-2017 15:46:17 PM
  • 26-Oct-2017 13:49:30 PM
  • ??
    28-Oct-2017 01:06:04 AM
  • 😻😻😻
    01-Nov-2017 06:54:26 AM
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do you regret your last relationship?🥀 - “HEARTBREAKS AS TYPES OF PAIN:
I. The Headache: your mother doesn’t let you take a day off school for this one. sometimes it’s like it’s not even there. sometimes it’s nails digging into the back of your skull. sometimes it’s classroom nausea and spinning. it doesn’t stay still, moves to your eyes, to your face and the sides of your head. it keeps you up some nights, the nag of it all, the weight of it all. when it’s gone you don’t even notice.

ii. The Flu: this one keeps you in bed for a week. you think your lungs forgot how to breathe. you feel him with his hands around your neck. feel the throb of it in your palms and your face. you stop eating because he sits at the bottom of your stomach. because your throat aches with the taste of him. this one turns you ice-cold, makes you forget what warmth felt like.

iii. The Open Wound: you can’t stop picking at it. the blood sticks to all your favourite shirts, turns them dark red and warm. it stings when he touches you, stings when he tries to hold you, stings when he tries to kiss you. it stings when you try to sleep. your mother tells you to see a doctor, tells you to cover it up. you say this hurt makes it real.

iv. The Broken Knee: this one leaves a bruise. leaves you on crutches for months. it aches when you move, when you try to run. you carry it around with you like another limb, like he never even left. the pain of it is fresh, like the moment of impact, like the first fall."
Reena B. | Heartbreaks as types of pain.
Yea lol I'd be a bit weirded out too😂😂
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One day, I'm going to make you all proud. I've been working so hard on everything after I quit my insurance job 8 months ago. I've done everything on my own. I have no manager no representation. I've made countless mistakes in business this year. Many that cost me so much... It's my first year in business, I'm still growing and learning I've been scammed countless times, fed false promises and lost over 25 pounds due to stress alone. I'm not giving up though. I may be not be loved right now but one day I'll make you proud. By now just from reading my poetry, many of you may know that I suffer from depression. It's always been this way. Growing up I was always fascinated with romantic heroes, such as Edgar Allen Poe, Jim Morrison and countless others . I've also always admired strong independent women such as @ditavonteese who have run an empire all on their own. She gives me so much hope that a single female can do it all and still succeed. I pray one day you guys will look at me and understand that after pain comes paradise.. I'm waiting for my paradise right now and it's coming . One day I'm going to make you proud. I promise I will ❤️ #goodnight #success #todayinparadise #oneday #poetry