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Say hello to our robot overlords. Atlas, a humanoid machine that can do backflips, has been unveiled by the company Boston Dynamics. It's got an impressive array of gymnastic skills, but it doesn't always land on its feet - yet. #robot #backflip #science #technology #nailedit
Gone in 1.9 seconds 😱😱 Words fastest car... New Tesla Roadster acceleration 😵 0-60 in 1.9s. What do you think? Video by @tonypagota
What is your choice? Photo by @tjpinkush
Mirror making. Check out link in bio by @davesmithartist First part is the chemical reaction of Silver nitrate and pure ammonia reacting together creating a slow cloud effect suspended in deionised water. Via @ifyouhigh
Would you get one? Share your thoughts! Video by: @futurism #viralvendors
Elon Musk knows a thing or two about failing. The businessman and innovator has had several failed projects but has managed to come out on top thanks to his futuristic technologies and incredible work ethic. For more on Elon Musk, follow @tech_insider 🖌: @bi_graphics
#Repost @wevolverapp ・・・ Boston Dynamics is showing what’s been going down with its bipedal Atlas bot, the most humanoid of its creations. Atlas can now jump from elevated block to elevated block, and do a complete about-face in the air. It can leap pretty high, and also do a backflip – and then celebrate its backflipping ability. #technology #robotics #robot #innovation #bostonrobotics
Crowdfunding Real Estate Master! Thank you Kerry Lutz for the compliment, it was a pleasure to be on your show representing Diversyfund.