Singer; Ed Sheeran was spotted wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon Concept. Reference-26560IO ⌚️🎤 @teddysphotos •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Price -UK List Price-£175,000 #CelebWatches ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #watch #watches #celebrities #celebrity #fashion #patek #rolex #richardmille #rolexgang #timepiece #instawatch #audemars #richlife #rich #wealth #money #edsheeran #ed #teddy #ginger ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Like✔Comment 💬Tag Friend👤 Follow! Thanks to @fiqidecroli for the spot👍

  • 18-Oct-2017 21:19:28 PM
  • He got the arsenal daaam!
    18-Oct-2017 21:21:53 PM
  • He got the arsenal daaam!
    18-Oct-2017 21:22:53 PM
  • 18-Oct-2017 21:24:25 PM
  • 18-Oct-2017 21:24:58 PM
  • @wduplock98 dope why didn’t you tell me you bought this
    18-Oct-2017 21:31:51 PM
  • This guy is awesome. Impeccable taste in watches ! Great collection.
    18-Oct-2017 21:32:36 PM
  • I swear his money goes to Watches
    18-Oct-2017 21:45:19 PM
  • Such a c*nt.
    18-Oct-2017 22:23:01 PM
  • Swag
    18-Oct-2017 22:55:31 PM
  • @kadumaia SEGURA UH GORDIN
    18-Oct-2017 23:25:46 PM
  • @joaaogab aí sim!
    18-Oct-2017 23:48:22 PM
  • He does like his watches doesn’t he 👌🏾
    18-Oct-2017 23:53:01 PM
  • Oh i love this account
    19-Oct-2017 00:03:35 AM
  • 19-Oct-2017 00:35:26 AM
  • 19-Oct-2017 02:27:43 AM
  • il a pas la même montre mais il joue aussi bien au ballon que toi @case_vecchie_gb
    19-Oct-2017 03:01:06 AM
  • @sherstagram24 I knew ed was a watch guy!
    19-Oct-2017 04:09:10 AM
  • Ngapana kajjala kamma ini audemars piguet bro @dikarjuna ? Biasanya nda sgitu ji😂😂
    19-Oct-2017 05:07:54 AM
  • @aiirum 😁 limited edition barengkali bro
    19-Oct-2017 05:51:19 AM
  • Man like ed @jay_maher
    19-Oct-2017 05:55:22 AM
  • 19-Oct-2017 06:01:30 AM
  • @whoishylas mdrrr cet caille avec une montre a 200k
    19-Oct-2017 06:02:40 AM
  • @gregbeux comme tu es con 😂😂😂
    19-Oct-2017 06:05:41 AM
  • 19-Oct-2017 06:12:28 AM
  • Still looks like he shops at Topshop
    19-Oct-2017 07:14:12 AM
  • Sorry, but very very ugly watch.
    19-Oct-2017 07:18:59 AM
  • His watch collection is insane
    19-Oct-2017 08:21:54 AM
  • wow!
    19-Oct-2017 08:28:34 AM
  • Rip arm
    19-Oct-2017 08:32:08 AM
  • @comex_5514 what? because it isn't a Rolex i'm guessing..
    19-Oct-2017 12:17:00 PM
  • @cameronharbron123 no, because its really, really ugly. BTW Rolex isn‘t my favourite brand.
    19-Oct-2017 12:20:42 PM
  • @comex_5514 its far from ugly in my opinion but we all have different tastes I guess.
    19-Oct-2017 12:22:58 PM
  • @mikeyunatanov crazy collection this guy got
    19-Oct-2017 13:57:39 PM
  • Broke his arm so he had to put some ice on it
    19-Oct-2017 14:42:40 PM
  • How is this corn a celeb?
    20-Oct-2017 15:58:30 PM
  • His arms are looking bad, but the wrist is nice
    23-Oct-2017 12:22:38 PM
  • 23-Oct-2017 16:31:54 PM
  • Harry potters cousion ed
    23-Oct-2017 22:35:38 PM
  • He is so fucking rich. Damnnnn
    18-Nov-2017 19:25:11 PM
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