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Why do pros keep doing this 😅 There must be a better way to cure blisters than by cutting a hole in your boots... ✂️✂️ What do you think of this? 📸: @9gagfootball #cleatstagram #nike #soccer #cleats #football #tiempo #sports
¡Nos vemos esta noche de jueves en #AQuiénLeVas por @canalestrellas! 📺😘
“Dak is elite! All he needs is a Hall of Fame left tackle, 2 All-Pro interior lineman, the league’s leading rusher, a Hall of Fame tight end, a great WR core, and a good defense. That’s it!”
✅ Father's love ❣️
After being so good at predicting plays this season, Tony Romo made a funny mistake calling the Chargers/Cowboys game. Click the link in our bio to watch.
He mossed him badly 😳🔥 - Follow (me) @swiftyfball for more!