Our team went on a walk through the surrounding area during their trip to Romania and they experienced some hard things. Although there is a lot of growth and change in this country, there is still a startling amount of poverty and tragedy. When you see a starving elderly woman, or a man living in a home that is literally falling apart, your heart breaks and your soul stands confused. Perspectives are shifted and you must process through these scenes that don't make sense. To see so much suffering and not have a solution is a true struggle. And although there are many people doing good deeds and creating hope and restoration, and you know Jesus is working His salvation,we can never forget those who are still suffering. This was a hard day, visiting homes stricken in different ways, but we are so thankful to have people like you who give from their heart and are making a true difference in this nation of Romania. Thank you to all of our sponsors!! We trust in a good God!

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