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My #transformation has been a lot more than just physical the past 23 years. The girl on the left was so excited to be a mother, but had no idea what lied ahead. My kids were definitely the highs in my life for many years, but the lows got pretty low. There were many days & years I thought I was in a living hell I would never escape. Low self-esteem & fear kept me in my place. Nursing school forced me out of it. I had to extend myself to others daily when I was pretty much an introvert at the time. Getting out in the workforce taught me that I could care for myself & kids if I needed to. I learned to believe in myself & found the confidence to change things, and by so doing, found a lot more happiness & peace. 😌 Life isn’t all roses now for me, but the girl on the right has learned when we take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and make sure we are in healthy relationships, wonders can take place. I dreaded getting older throughout my life, but not anymore. I love that I know my worth & am surrounded by the most amazing people. Know YOUR worth! Love yourself! Take care of yourself! For it is only then that you’re able to help others ♥️ . Credit: @jessicaenslow
Okay sooo for @womensbest Black Friday sale they have up to 50% off everything & you get free gifts with your order. My recommendations - vegan chocolate shake, cola & lime BCAA & low carb wafers! 💕💕
Most successful folk look at things from many angles before making decisions. What appears to be at first glance is often totally different from what it actually is. #WakeUpWords What did you see when you first looked at this pic? 💪🏼💯 - 🏷 a friend you think would like this. Follow me @JohnBasedowOfficial for motivation and cool posts on the daily. 👊🏼 - (Pic credit 📷: DM)
If you’re going home for the holidays and don’t have a gym around, you can still get outside and get moving! I like to do plyometric training when I can’t get my hands on equipment 👌🏼 Gets your heart pumping and will leave your legs sore in time for a turkey dinner! 🦃 #jumparound
{русский ниже - иммунитет} Playtime is the best doctor! Agreed?😍 . Ok, as promised: Immune system "hacks", if you will, but ,really, these are some ways to help strengthen kids' immune systems. Part one. I'll start with toddler : that's probably the most needed post right now, because toddlers are involved in everything and seem to always get sick - right? ✨Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D rapidly destroys the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the influenza virus. That's why playing in the sun during vacation is so good! In SF we don't see sun very often, so I supplement with D3 drops. ✨Zinc– Zinc is an important nutrient required by the body for proper growth, better immune, nervous and reproductive systems. Zinc has to come either from food sources or from food-based vitamins, otherwise it doesn't get absorbed by the body. ✨Probiotics– Probiotics help to regulate the immune system by balancing the good internal flora. Best probiotics are the food-based ones : raw sauerkraut , kombucha drinks, kerif, artesian cheeses, etc. ✨EFAs - load up on fatty fish or supplement if you have a picky toddler. I add some oil to smoothies, that's the only way mine would take it. ✨Limiting sugar - sugar kills immune system, quite literally. So, my take on it is: nothing bad happens from occasional treats, I don't have a "NO SUGAR EVER!!!" rule, but or daily bases we try to avoid it. ✨Massage - surprising, right? It is actually proven that the calming properties massage has on nervous system helps to boost immune system too. I start with baby massage. ✨Bath salts - the ideal is the natural ocean, of course, but Dead Sea salts help when swimming is not readily available. ✨Skipping chemicals when possible: housecleaning chemicals are the words offenders. Sometimes they are necessary, I use them then. But in daily routine I use natural stuff as much as possible. When I was pregnant, though, I couldn't stand 90% of natural products, the smell was just revolting to me, so I had a little stash of my own stuff that I personally used when cleaning, and kept the rest of the family on the "natural" regimen. ✨Boost sleeping time and 👇🏻
Something so simple can make something look so different 👀 Such a tiny manipulation can take the left picture that makes me look like I have a bigger peach and a tinier waist compared to the right where my peach looks less peachy and I have 'muffin tops'. I take pretty much everything I see on social media with a large pinch of salt and this is a perfect example of that! Neither of these pictures are a 'lie' but it can most definitely change the way a person thinks about you, or the way you think about yourself (which is why I only really wear high waisted things because I have a huge love hate relationship with my booty). Just remember to wear whatever you wanna wear and show whatever you wanna show because of how it makes YOU feel. 💘 #realtalk #positivity #reality . FOLLOW ( @gymresident) for more fitness motivation and inspiration! 💪🏻💖 . Credit: @sarahvictoriafit
Noodle soups all day everyday 😍🤤🍜✨ The soup is made from @thesourcerhodes red miso powder (amazing stuff 😳), soy sauce, mushroom veggie stock powder, black pepper & sesame oil 👌🏼 Served with noodles, broccolini, cabbage, teriyaki tofu, bean sprouts, green onion, sesame seeds & fresh chilli 🌱🌶 Who else loves noodle soups?! My fav flavours would have to be along the lines of lemongrass & chilli 😎🙌🏼
Flash back to 🔥🔥 times last month at @farmaggedonuk with my voodoo priestess @tinika_belle when your job doesn't feel like a job you know you're doing life right 👌