• So gorgeous!!
    16-Oct-2017 00:56:39 AM
  • @william_la_88 😬❤️🌹
    16-Oct-2017 01:00:13 AM
  • 😍😍😍 My love!! 🤗😘💗
    16-Oct-2017 01:47:43 AM
  • @dghawk22 ☺️🌹❤️
    16-Oct-2017 02:32:47 AM
  • Dope pics
    17-Oct-2017 01:16:37 AM
  • @carlosinan thanks man
    17-Oct-2017 01:54:26 AM
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Never😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Follow me ( @the.bestvocals) for more videos! Cr/ @thexfactor #funny #embarrassing #audition #singing #voice #xfactor #bestvocals
Shout to all u thick ladies who DMed me saying you loved my last caption for supporting big girls 😍. Y’all sweet. Y’all amazing. I love y’all. But most importantly......YALL AIN’T OVERSIZED BRUH THAT CAPTION WASN’T ABOUT YOU, STOP IT 😂. U women don’t get to be “big” just because y’all got a big chest and backside - y’all thicky thicc! That’s another type! Y’all don’t take no damn space on airplanes shut the hell up bruv y’all wilding 😂. Body positive my a$$ y’all smol lmao. That caption was about BIG GIRLS - LET THEM HAVE THEY LIL MOMENT DAMMIT. It is however adorable asf that y’all identify and have solidarity with big girls - it’s high key inspiring - rather than look down on big women, u lock arms in sisterhood of thickness. Like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants except this is Sisterhood of the Wondrous Thunderous Thighs 😍😂. Go head with y’all lovey dovey supportive a$$es bruv we are one human race. That’s the only race I know. People always wanna talk about how women are catty and crazy ... somewhat accurate ... matter fact I gotta make a few calls to figure out which of my sisters hate each other on this particular day (cattiness and pettiness take no holidays lol) so I keep them separate at Thanksgiving but I digress 🤗😂 ... examples of women being SUPPORTIVE and AMAZING abound, including this one. Big up yaselves women today y’all are the real MVPs - BLESS UP 😍😂😂😂
Follow @textpost since you see me on the explore page all the time anyway 🤩💕
Fun times!
La faccia del Serpella quando mi sono avvicinata a lui, l’ho abbracciato, l’ho stretto forte a me e gli ho sussurrato in un orecchio: mercoledì sera mi devi accompagnare ad una serata elegante..