“Normal people don’t come to these places.” #ShotoniPhone by Sindy L. @lxin1983

  • Amazing 💯
    10-Nov-2017 22:26:36 PM
  • Why does @apple need my credit card to update free apps? It’s a little too much
    11-Nov-2017 14:57:34 PM
  • So prior to iOS 11.1.1 the ‘i’ key was messed up. Now with the new update my screen scrolls left by itself and won’t stop and will also do the color inversion thing on its own. This is the first time in a year and a half where I’ve had to restart my iPhone three times in one day. Can you guys just fix the software and leave it? Bad enough I had to get rid of apps and games I loved just to update to the new software that quite frankly isn’t that great.
    15-Nov-2017 00:15:39 AM
  • thats amazing
    15-Nov-2017 02:10:19 AM
  • Aguante la manzanita
    15-Nov-2017 23:49:01 PM
  • Крутое фото 💃
    18-Nov-2017 08:56:50 AM
  • When you from Deadsec and can't find the right outlet to charge your phone
    19-Nov-2017 16:50:09 PM
  • Wow 😮!
    23-Nov-2017 02:23:55 AM
  • Wow!!!!!!! Lovely.....
    26-Nov-2017 10:29:31 AM
  • Whats normal? Apparently I'm an Alien Cyborg Inidan. Any thoughts on that?
    26-Nov-2017 16:13:21 PM
  • 😍
    28-Nov-2017 16:28:16 PM
  • Woww!!!😍
    30-Nov-2017 06:14:23 AM
  • Are u take this using Iphone X ?
    30-Nov-2017 10:08:36 AM
  • Hi 😯😄😄😄
    06-Dec-2017 02:17:03 AM
  • @jdgrams2112 I think you’re screen is broken but not seeable and you need to get it fixed
    09-Dec-2017 08:09:59 AM
  • @melcalderon__ change to android like I did
    09-Dec-2017 10:01:14 AM
  • @mrtpotanimations123 works fine now after two software updates
    10-Dec-2017 03:04:17 AM
  • 10-Dec-2017 15:36:14 PM
  • 👌🏻
    10-Dec-2017 20:58:25 PM
  • Look nice, like it. 😎
    14-Dec-2017 09:21:09 AM
  • @apple I'd love to collaborate with you on my coffee blog. Please let me know if you'd like to talk further!
    20-Dec-2017 01:21:38 AM
  • This is awesome!🔝
    28-Dec-2017 12:32:17 PM
  • Ok yeah I never go there😮
    31-Dec-2017 00:44:50 AM
  • @muhmmedumran enjeksiyon yerleri değişik
    11-Jan-2018 11:44:04 AM
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