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Is Water Wet Or Dry?
OMG WAIT FOR IT... 😂😂😂😂 (tag your partner👀) | 🎥: @iwillfoto
This is Why I don’t have a Girlfriend 😂😂😂😂 #IMHAPPY
Just like the other video that has sparked outrage. This officer is telling the man not to move as you can see he’s digging in his pockets after being given numerous orders to stop. He then pulls out his hands from his pockets and fires at the Officer. This is why officers are trained to protect themselves.
“Disco Dancer” 👹 ! Tag a Dancer Friend ;) Choreography - Shraey Khanna. Performers - Mohit Solanki,Aarif Rehman,Aashish Kumar,Pranshu Aggarwal,Shraey khanna. Shot By - Raghu Raman (All Stars Studio) #dance #indian #Performance #Disco #Boys #Dapper #Suit #hot #Video #funny
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