Sraz u hodin. 🕰Nějakou dobu nás teď na nádraží Svinov najdete pod naším designovým stanem. Dosavadní skleněný přístřešek máme v opravě. 🔧 #lauracoffee #espresso #mobile #coffeetogo #cafe #tent #rande #clock #railway #station #seeyousoon

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Wir sind schon ganz schnieke oder? 😄 okay sorry ich gucke falsch 😅 #boyband #girls #boys #buddies #friends #redcarpet #movie #suits #elegant #men #menfashion #menwithstyle #malefashion #fashion #style
⚔️ #TheBabyAndTheBeard WHEN YOUR BABY KNOWS WHAT DADDY NEEDS ❤️ This is MEMBER @the_iceman_rich from @beardedvillainsuk 🇬🇧
I waited for you 🍂
Nail 🔨 the Details 🔍 An easy way to take a basic outfit to the next level is to add awesome details like this cool @ansonbelt❗️👌🏼 It adds that little extra touch that brings the whole outfit together. They make awesome gifts 🎁 too❗️ ✅ Belt: @ansonbelt Shirt: @pacificissue Boots: @thursdayboots Pants: @jachsny
[...] “everything can change within minutes my mind is my friend, not my enemy. My mind and I, we are together. We work together, we fight together and we go through it together. You must realize that everything in your life is up to you. Happiness is up to you. Feeling real is up to you. Feeling real is something you will know once you become one with yourself and one with everything and everyone around you. Be open. Be friendly. Be wise and be willing to fail and learn. I can’t say it often enough, because it is something that you have to do continuously. Keep it up. Keep it real. I love the person that I have become, because I am the person that I wanted to become and yet I am not the person that I want to become. Just now I am who I am and I am happy with who I am. I am facing my fears and I am facing myself. I know where I want to be and the same time I have no idea where I want to be” [...] ~ Niclas Gonzales