• Hola! As a curator they asked me to select talented artists to be featured on our 1340art profile. Interested? Click the link in our bio.
    13-Oct-2017 11:30:27 AM
  • Kok sweet
    13-Oct-2017 12:24:43 PM
  • @revan.aliantino sweet apa baper?
    13-Oct-2017 12:28:40 PM
  • @revan.aliantino @sidhartagani permisiii kaka.... liat jepitan rambut sayah???
    13-Oct-2017 12:29:41 PM
  • @yanuyansah @revan.aliantino jepitan apa karet kakak?kalo karet buat iketan nasi uduk ada nih kakak
    13-Oct-2017 12:32:31 PM
  • Siapa nih yg baper ? @sidhartagani // @yanuyansah jepitan di sblah mbak
    13-Oct-2017 12:32:51 PM
  • @sidhartagani baper sama tante unti?
    13-Oct-2017 13:06:29 PM
  • @revan.aliantino dedek evan 不不不
    13-Oct-2017 16:42:31 PM
  • @failedpose iih lu maaah serem gw
    13-Oct-2017 16:42:46 PM
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