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    13-Oct-2017 11:47:08 AM
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Recette du Jour 😍 50% d'action mélangé à 50% d'ambition laissez mijoter quelques jours et vous obtiendrez 100% de concrétisation, à servir au désert pour apprécier vos 200 % de satisfaction 😂❤️ et vous quelle est votre recette ? 🍀 #recette #mydubai #dubai @hextie
when u haven’t seen your girl for 2 days... 🤗🤗 tag your person 💗 #tiugirls
Today is the day you drop it to the floor and move it like you don't care to your favorite song. 🎶 Here's how @alix_dancefit and her #ZumbaBestie do it. 💃 The song? 'Instruction' by Demi Lovato and Jax Jones. To find a class near you, go to our bio! #Zumba #ZumbaClass #DemiLovato 💃: @alix_dancefit @thefairydina
Great to have these 2 in my corner 👊👊 #DreamTeam
@josh.tye Part 1: Last weekend was a ton of fun with @joseph_encinia. It’s amazing to see demonstrations and be able to watch, understand the muscles isolated, and apply knowledge. I cannot count how many protips I got by observing and participating. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be motivated to work hard and think like a champion after you spend an afternoon with the yogi who inspired it all? Yeah I got off to a rough start (forgot many Bikram precision cues,) but once I settled in and brushed off the noise in my head; I bounced back with incredible focus, happier, and more willing to try most of the APs. What aspiring #usayoga competitor wouldn’t love being spotted/coached on some seriously difficult asanas from the man who inspired you to try yoga? Literally felt the Bengal Tiger strength when I pushed up from Tiger to forearm Scorpion knowing he had my back. Quick sequence I worked on this morning: (1/2) [Full vinyasa on my facebook.] I was focusing on keeping my chin up and practicing Rooster pose like I promised. Major leaps and bounds, physically and with a confidence mindset to explore further (plus my tendinitis and winged scapula are so much healthier!) Yoga really works; I have no idea what I’m going to tell my Physical Therapist come October at this rate! Thanks for the great class!
Loved this shoot 💖. Nails used: 'Insta Glam Nail Glitz' available at all @salonservicesuk... #Repost @pardesiphoto ・・・ Kouture Magazine @kouturemag Shoot sponsored by the Miss England Pageant team thanks to Angie Beasley Makeup and Hair artist: @asiaglam and assisted by @ak_artist & Makeup by Sej Kovvuri Lashes Queen Model: Natasha Hemmings Miss England @natashahemmings123 Slave Model : Montana Sophia Allan @montana.sophia Males: David Aidin Shori and Reza Mirdamadi Dress: Zarkan of London Nails: @nazilaloveglam Stylist and creative director: Sadaf Aras @sadafrks Photographer: Farid AJ Ahmed and Surjit Pardesi Jewellery: Bees Headgear: Ayesha Hussein Tattoo: Nikkita Karizma Special Thanks to: Miss England Organisers and location Kelham Hall #kouturemag #missengland #queen #king #slave #muscle #throne #crown #sword #stare #model #lashes #eyelashes #beauty #makeup #hair #makeupartist #hair #hairstyle #fashion #glamour #medieval #fitness #wellbeing #diet #wellness #nutrition #pardesiphoto
🎥 Hotel Work 💪🏼💦 Getting nice and sweaty in my hotel room this morning 😅🙌🏼 Added the towel in there to recruit more muscle groups. Was supposed to keep it under tension the whole time but my shoulders were burning... such a killer 💀🔥 Details: ✖️10 x Genie Sits ✖️9 x Sit-up to Switch Lunge ✖️8 x Diving Dolphins ✖️7 x Popup Burpees ✖️6 x Push-up Sweeps ✖️5 x V Towel Threads Complete 5 Rounds. #trainwithtanya #heretocreate