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I've been on a mini cut for a couple of weeks now but am admittedly not a great dieter. I love food and hate being uncomfortable 😂. Thankfully, I've developed some strategies over the years that are effective and far easier to implement (and result in me being less whiny) so I thought I'd share beeeelow 👇🏻. I will preface this by saying, not trying to diet all the time and eating enough cals to feel strong and make gains is tres important. Ok, lets go! - 🔺1. Don't do loads of cardio to maintain your normal weight (unless it's sport/goal specific). I typically do some HIIT to stay 'athletic' but that's about it. I like to use cardio as a tool when I want to cut so when I add in a couple of weekly sessions, I see changes fairly quickly. Lately I've been doing steep incline walks on the treadmill in the mornings so I can answer emails or listen to a podcast at the same time #multitaskingftw. - 🔺2. Start with small dietary changes; don't try to cut out everything at once. Small changes like reducing snacking between meals, increasing veggie consumption (and other high volume foods) in lieu of less filling carbs, and reducing liquid calories can go a long way. These can really add up and are far easier to stick to than cutting out major food groups and drastically cutting cals. Being hungry and miserable is an un-fun state of being. - 🔺3. Concentrate your carbs to before and after your workouts and shorten your eating window (if this works with your lifestyle). Shortening your eating window can make it much easier to manage your appetite (and may also confer other health benefits). Instead of eating at 7 am all the way until 10 pm, maybe eat 10am-7 pm. You typically have fewer, larger meals this way which helps those of us who are always hungry. This works well for me and many others but I know it's not for everyone. - Think I'll stop here before everyone's (who actually made it here) eyes start bleeding. I hope this helps! Start with small changes, be consistent, make sure you still enjoy your food and workouts #overandout ✌🏻❤
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The ultimate #vegan brekkie double tap if you’d like us to shoot a recipe vid - it made a fab lunch too! 👍🏻😄🙌🏼 Off to Wroclow in Poland today - let us know if you have any recommendations? Thanks a mill!