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Now you see me..... now you don’t 🤖 #december9
I'm ALWAYS working!!!! You can't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do!!!! Push hard and make shit happen this week!!!! #MotivationMonday - - #BranchWarren #blackskull #blackskullbybranchwarren #Truth #motivation #lifestyle #hardworkpaysoff #hustle #bodybuilding #fitness #bodybuildinglifestyle #bodybuildingmotivation #results
Hitting my goal weight like… 🙈💪 (tag a friend & comment) . You know the routine - step on the scale, wiggle around, touch the wall, don’t touch the wall, take off another layer, try to go pee, WHATEVER to make that dreaded device budge. If this is you, then you need to remember that weight is not the only measure of progress!! I’ve actually gained a couple pounds while looking noticeably leaner these past few weeks. . PS - I just posted a new YouTube video. I have a feeling this will be just the lil pep talk you needed. Link in bio to watch that!! . Tag a friend who’s on a diet! 😘
If I could live in one thing for forever.. 🌊☀️
Night before the 2017 Olympia. Goal: be better, way better. #mondaymotivation Don't care if you like my physique or not. You can talk shit, but the facts are, I'm still one of the best in the game
#motivationmonday . My girl recently did this and I think it’s a great idea @hannahbower2 😘 . A few questions about me answered below: . 1. What type of diet plan do you follow? . I mostly do intermittent fasting. I’m a big eater so I love waiting until later in the day to eat my larger meals. So I fast all morning until 12 or 1. I typically try to get most of my carbs before dinner, although I do sometimes have carbs at night. . 2. How much cardio do you do? . 5-6 days that I train I normally warm up with 20 min hiit cardio. Either intervals on the stepmill or sprints on the treadmill . 3. Do you lift heavy or light weight? . I mix it up, most days, I love light weight high rep but I still have my strength days where I push myself to lift heavy. Typically, for lower body days I stick to lower weights high rep because I tend to gain muscle easily there. . I want to stress that my way of doing things isn’t necessarily the RIGHT way. I truly believe that each and every one of us are different and need different ways of training and eating to get the results WE want. #alittlebitaboutme #doyou #fitness #nutrition #bodypositive #loveyourself #mexico #tulummexico #tulumjunglegym
Hope you all having a wonderful Monday 😁 Keeping my smile nice and bright with @BrighterWhite, can't recommend their teeth whitening kit enough! 🌟💪🏼 - - - - - - - #BrighterWhite #TeethWhitening #me #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #fashion #selfie #follow #followme #love #beautiful #happy #cute #self #smile #fun #like #instalike #instadaily #fitness #modeling
Do you have back pain? Tight legs or hips? Do you experience stiffness of the body? Try this sequence out holding each posture for about 5 breaths (or more if its feeling good!). Don’t forget to do it on both sides!! Your spine will thank you 🙏🏻❤️ thanks for sharing @roxanne_yoga #inflexibleyogis ・・・ HAPPY HIPS This sequence is perfect for unwinding and releasing tightness in the body, especially the hips. Always feel so good after a hip opening sequence- tight hips all thanks to squats and lunges in the gym.