Photo by @dallasclayton “I write kids’ books, because it’s a thing that very few people do in the world,” says Dallas Clayton ( @dallasclayton). “It’s very much like telling someone that you sell rainbows or produce magic from your fingertips.” Today, Dallas’ aesthetic and stories go beyond the pages of books and get translated to different surfaces. Even murals. “I love to go to a place, take something that’s drab and add a little bit of color to it collectively with good people who want to share in an experience,” says Dallas, who prefers to let the walls speak to him — rather than go into the process with a set plan or crew. “I just want it to be participatory. I don’t even want to be the one painting the thing. I want everyone to be painting the thing, and I want everyone to know that they could paint the thing. There’s an elementary school down the street from you right now that doesn’t have a mural in it that you can go paint for totally free and stoke out a thousand kids.” We’re partnering with artists from the Instagram community, like Dallas, to turn city walls around the world into colorful murals, inspiring #KindComments. Visit a wall, take a photo or video and share #KindComments to make someone’s day. If you can’t check out a mural in person, participate by using one of the new kindness-themed heart-shaped stickers in Instagram Stories. These are also created by members of our global community.

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Thanks to @vurt.creative for the amazing FOX 29 mural! What do y’all think??